V-LEDS Reverse Lights

eversing your car down a long driveway at night can be difficult if your reverse lights dont illuminate the way for you. It seems that very little attention is paid to the design of reverse lights. It seems that on most cars the only purpose is to alert other drivers you are about to back out of a parking spot. Rarely do we find a car that the reverse lights do a decent job of actually illuminating the ground or objects a few feet behind the car so they are visible from the drivers seat.

Is there a way to get more light behind the car for reversing? The answer is yes. There have been a number of ways to add more light to the rear of your car or truck. The problem is that it has always required a lot of extra work and wiring. We have seen all sorts of light wired up under the rear bumpers of many trucks and cars. Tractor lights, fog lights, and other inventions that mount to a receiver hitch. They all get the job done but require mounting a pair of lights to the bottom of the bumper or to the frame. And if your vehicle lacks trailer wiring you have to run wiring from the battery to power these type of lights as they draw too much power to be spliced directly into the wiring for the factory reverse lights. Thats when V-LEDS came up with the brilliant idea of the LPF (License Plate Frame). It is easy to install, just two wires and two screws! Simply install it over your license plate with the same screws that hold your license plate on. Route the wires to your cars reverse light wiring and connect with the supplied splice taps and your done. It does not draw very much power at all, only 18 watts. It generates over 1000 lumens of LED light! Watch our video to see it in action.

Post time: Mar-29-2016