Spring into New LED Lighting



5.75″ Round LED Motorcycle Headlights
Model 8690 M Series

Model 8690 M Series is the first to utilize our state-of-the-art ComfortLite™ high beam as well as low beam, providing added illumination above the horizon with a powerful punch of light down the road!  The proprietary solid optics offer enhanced visibility to both riders and other drivers, for a new level of rider comfort.

  • Perfect balance between form & function
  • Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing and state-of-the-art LEDs provide rugged durability
  • Sleek design that not only delivers premium performance, but also gives a bike a truly unique look!

Spring into New LED Lighting


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3.5″ Round LED Work Light – Model 4415 Mirror Kit

This new kit uses our existing Model 4415 LED spotlight with a new pre-assembled shroud. Kit is intended to be mounted on the side mirrors or forward of the driver with the shroud (snoot) oriented to block the light from the driver / operator’s eyes, providing maximum visibility rearward.

  • Kit includes two lights, with a shroud mounted in right-hand and left-hand orientations.
  • Can also be mounted elsewhere on the truck, such as on the back or side of a sleeper cab, to provide additional lighting.

Post time: Jun-03-2016