Road network marketing led lighting industry

After years of development, once known as the sunrise industry sunrise lighting industry no longer seems in favor of further intensified competition, production, operating costs continue to rise. According to authoritative statistics, China’s lighting industry output value of nearly 400 billion yuan, in recent years, are 20 per cent rate of growth, there are only tens of thousands of Zhongshan Guzhen lighting businesses, a dozen lighting accessories market, plus lighting distributors, service providers, logistics providers and parts suppliers, up to a million employees in the lighting industry, the town lighting sales accounted for as much as 60% of the country, stretching ten kilometers lighting street covered with large and small shops, which shows how intense the competition.

According to the survey data show that most families consume about 10% of the lighting renovation costs, and the proportion is rising, which means that with the improvement of living standards of the masses, to create stylish home awareness is also rising, all kinds of chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, mirror front lamps, table lamps, night light and other emerging, lighting in the home has not only the function of lighting, lighting is more and more in order to “finishing touch” decorative effect, when you turn on the lights at night an embellishment, without lights is the home furnishings and even a work of art, so people in high-income people, and respect for quality of life will increasingly focus on the lighting application in the home.

This consumption trend determines the future development direction of two lighting industry: First, the lighting industry must establish a brand, know how to help new media brand communication; secondly, lighting products must be more creative, the scale of customization is the only way. To grasp these two trends, the Internet marketing is every lighting companies must focus on the topic.

Network Marketing scan the current national lighting industry lighting manufacturing industry finished product manufacturers have nearly ten thousand, but the industry can really come to call the business less than 600 brands, consumers can not be impressive to say a particular brand, you can say focus on brand building is a common phenomenon in this industry, which also created a number of lighting store brand growth. In fact, there are many lighting companies have realized the importance of network marketing, also started in the Internet field keep trying, but most companies still do not receive the desired effect, from the point of view of the industry as a whole, the lighting business in Internet Marketing aspect roughly only four methods: First, Baidu and other search engines do bid, the second is the well-known sites and advertising industry website, the third is to establish a network business or shop in the B2B and B2C website, the fourth via e-mail , SMS or online forums to promote your website or online shop.

This sense, in addition to “search engine bid” lighting business marketing is simply moved from traditional media on the Internet only, just to meet the first step to enhance the visibility of marketing, that is, let the consumer who know themselves, but from understanding into shopping behavior requires more marketing. Along with the increasing emphasis on energy-saving lamps, LED lamps popularity, more consumers are concerned about the topic of environment protection and energy, will be more concerned about corporate social responsibility in this regard is much to do in the lighting business.

For now, the lighting industry in the search engine keyword prices rising, a variety of lighting network, lighting network competing to fight Yan, advertising and some well-known sites of up to a thousand or even million, all kinds of foreign domestic lighting exhibition after another, changing purchasing information in this flood of information in today’s world, if not innovative marketing techniques, it is very easy to be submerged in the competition among the Red Sea.

Lighting industry lighting business network marketing challenges do network marketing challenge is enormous, because the emerging Internet media and traditional media have a very big difference, and consumer behavior also will be great changes, especially with the the growing popularity of 3G mobile phones and sophisticated, mobile Internet era is to all forward, alone advertising era has passed, lighting companies have to face almost new marketing approach, and all this is undoubtedly challenging.

First, if there are people understand the Internet

Most of the lighting business owners are not born salesman, is a mechanic in the background, they are very well versed in the lighting of the supply chain and sales channels, and is also very clear trend towards the development of lighting products, but Internet marketing is still relatively unknown in this area some even compare conflict that led to their network design is plagiarism, leading them to a network of channels price confusion, the network enables small businesses almost no investment can be a great impact on their formation. This is indeed the industry issues exist in reality, but as a lighting business guide, we must understand these issues in the tide of the Internet is inevitable, information channels and sales channels are constantly changing, even if they do not change the rejection, the final He will not be hurting yourself.

So, this boss first need to change the mindset, boldly meet the wave of Internet marketing, furthermore have to find professional people to do professional work, the establishment of corporate websites and online, these are just basic skills of network marketing, we need more understand e-commerce, search rankings, experiential marketing, the implant marketing, word of mouth marketing and comprehensive network of talent, the only way to achieve the ultimate Internet marketing, shoddy pages rigid shop, these ads are cold enough to impress consumption heart’s in. In the Internet age, to build a network marketing department is necessary, in addition to the website technical maintenance, art, we should also have a network of writers, video designer, network activity planner such people.

Second, how the efficient operation of the supply chain

The current lighting industry of network marketing is only in its infancy, supply chain management and has not subsequently change. End of September 2010, Zhongshan since the collapse of a major logistics providers, it caused a great shock the industry, because the industry is not just logistics providers mostly transporting goods, is also charged with the task of collecting money to help manufacturers, receivables after the delivery of the logistics business is not immediately manufacturers, but one to three months to issue a check, which guarantee the interests of buyers and sellers, that logistics providers also plays the role of “third-party credit guarantee,” the. On the one hand this deformity supply chain description of the lighting industry is not standardized, but also shows lack of credit in the industry.

In the context of the internet, more and more orders for retail customers and small customers lighting companies face in this regard requires enterprises to establish an efficient supply chain to support the operation. Since most of the lighting industry has formed industrial clusters, spare parts, raw materials procurement has been very mature, the key is in the production and logistics and distribution needs painstaking efforts, such as after receiving the online order, how to achieve rapid production and transport, directly Shopping extent determine the customer’s pleasure, assuming no system of production and distribution process, it may lead to the wrong goods, delay the arrival of such a situation, so before the network marketing, e-pipe internal information first established, conditional on ERP system, no conditions should also have at least Invoicing software, through cooperation with proven B2B or B2C website, rely on their perfect order and payment systems, to build their own brand shop, in order to better to lay a solid marketing communications basis.

Third, the service how to create word of mouth

With the large home appliances color TV sets, refrigerators and other sales networks gradually, lighting will obviously comply with this trend, due to the wide range of some large or special lighting fixture manufacturers is the need to assist in the installation and maintenance, if a consumer ordered online paragraph smallpox chandelier, but after manufacturers to thirty-four days before on-site installation, plus shipping three or four days, then this is certainly not a pleasant shopping; they assume a special floor lamp bulb burned, local and hard to find parts , if the manufacturer can not be replaced quickly call, then customers will lose confidence in the brand. Return service also includes online shopping is clearly better than in the traditional shopping experience, so if consumers find buy lamps inappropriate size or power, so if there is a quick response mechanism, etc. These will determine the brand’s reputation .

In the Internet era, customer service must be immediate, because Gold silver cup as the reputation of the people, in other words, the customer has a problem, get answers and feedback at all, either the hotline, or community forums, online customer service, and even micro Bo should have someone to timely processing and feedback, otherwise it is easy to upgrade, even speech – global brand network – into crises, to know the propagation velocity of negative information is ten times the positive messages.


How to use the Internet to build brand growth comes to brand marketing, Internet marketing is largely not to get rid of the frame 4P (product, price, promotion, channels) and 4C (demand, cost, convenience, communication), only two theoretical background in the network, requires companies to more quickly and more strategically, know how to use Internet tools to spread the brand fills the courage to try to network marketing lighting business, including product, promotion, channels and communication is very important.

First, the product design is the key

If you can design a lighting products like Apple’s iPhone, as people screamed, then it is obviously easy to promote. Online shopping population in 18-30 years the majority, they mostly prefer creative, image is very tide cool product, so the most suitable lighting products sold on the network is small, creative lighting, the price to 200 yuan less than appropriate, as long as Gouxuan indeed sometimes impractical and not in the first row. Such as relying on Internet marketing rapid success of wheat bags, they can crawl through powerful data analysis tools to the global consumer trends, to start monitoring Taobao, pat, Amazon, eBay and other sites, so that their designs are always walking in the trend ahead, one day to launch dozens of new products, so as to ensure their high degree of concern.

With the development of OLED technology, lighting products will not only stay in the lighting function replaced the role of creativity and home decoration, such as OLED having a thin, transparent, flexible features, you can design a variety of shapes of lamps, its creative space is infinite. In this case, the enterprise must understand the line to sell products on the Internet does not necessarily hot, because the face of different audiences, their consumption patterns are not the same, those visiting the city lighting, lighting store people offline mostly for house decoration, but buying lighting on online consumers usually do not have a strong purpose, so the product design is particularly important.

Second, the promotion spike + = Interactive

If the promotion on the Internet and traditional channels also no difference, then the effect is certainly not too much, because consumers buy gifts, discounts, bundling promotions already numb, these promotions can only be used in fast moving consumer goods such as drinks, snacks , daily chemical products and other body. For such a small electrical lighting requires more interesting promotions, lighting companies must know how to “spike” and “interactive” means both.

“Spike” originally refers to the network game in an instant kill the enemy meant, but then with Taobao and other shopping sites have everyone planning a “limited buy” activities, “spike” is turned into a hot Internet marketing keywords that is based on computer network technology spawned promotions, its core is “limited” and “ultra-low”, such as a laptop dollar, a dollar of rice cookers, etc., the purpose is to gather popularity, enhance brand awareness in the network degree. In fact, the lighting business is very promising in this respect, for example, designed a cool little desk lamp in shop planning a “spike” activity, within a certain period of time, the former 100 completed online lighting of the game, you can get the opportunity to purchase one yuan a lamp, then let these users in the forum or blog drying their photo with the lamp or use of experience, through online voting to be elected as a corporate brand ambassador a few people, so that they participated in the filming business commercials, so down a complete “interactive marketing” is complete, that is of great concern and brand reputation enterprises obtained through the Internet can immediately make a hot new market and product realization.

Third, effective control of sales channels

Since network marketing is no limit of time and space, so each local dealers at all levels are likely to be competition, the traditional mode of operation channels obviously can not be applied on top of Internet marketing. First, the traditional channels and network channels must be separate products may be identified by bar code or model to distinguish, if not separated, sales network will affect the customer’s traditional channels, because the price is too low will make the line network marketing channels Suppliers offensive, the best approach is to set off a number of new products to the market through the network, but not under online sales, offline dealer outlets as a service to earn maintenance costs, and take the traditional channels of products can be sold on the Internet, but to maintain synchronization with the official price, promotional activities planned under to synchronize online and offline, ensuring the interests of the channel’s line, under normal circumstances do not allow dealers or individuals to open shop, online sales to be focused on the official shop , so as to maintain a high degree of concern for consumers official online shop, interactive activities and easier to carry out.

Fourth, good communication through social media to

In the Internet age, lighting businesses and consumers to communicate with the traditional model very different, the traditional marketing model may only need a customer service hotline, to carry out on-site service through the service outlets, more sales will be face to face. But the network marketing model, companies need to understand three key points: First, how consumers know your brand and products; the second is how they generate for your product purchase behavior; Third, how to get consumers to spontaneously corporate Communications positive message.

The first key point, it is clear now most companies understand the search engine is the Internet age in direct contact with the consumer top priority, so a variety of product categories, such as LED, brands, enterprises keyword prices climbing higher and higher, but the problem It is that consumers know when companies and product after, how to encourage them to buy, in this regard, “word of mouth” has become the deciding factor. Word of mouth from other consumers in the mouth, perhaps because of a potential consumer saw a friend’s space blog – NVC of Wall really beautiful, it creates a good impression of NVC brand, and perhaps he saw a hit video skits, heroine cute bedside lamp became interested in buying a think my girlfriend. In other words reputation is present in every corner of the Internet: search engines, portals, dating community, personal space, video sites, microblogging, etc., so the lighting business must know a variety of Internet and social media properties applications, in order to better the brand pervasive presented in front of consumers.

Where online advertising is on the one hand, it can directly show corporate and brand image, there is a direct function to inform, but as consumers become more savvy, online advertising does not necessarily induce produce shopping behavior, but can not become a positive reputation. So on the other hand, enterprises also need to spend a wonderful pen gunmen network, as well as implantable marketing genius, the corporate image, product use, brand culture into a creative story, pictures or video, once you become content “virus”, then consumers will spontaneously spread positive word of mouth for the enterprise, between moisten things silently achieve powerful chain of effects.

Conclusion comes to marketing, there are a lot of lighting business owners will ask, suppose I put one hundred thousand yuan to do promotion regardless of the manner in which I can increase the number of sales? This shows that most entrepreneurs are still still in the stage of sale . In the Internet era, marketers do not have to invest a lot of money, not necessarily a huge marketing sales in a short time, but its significance is far-reaching, for those who want to build brand influence of business, we must dare to to meet the challenges, innovative product design and promotional activities, effective control of Internet sales channels and communication tools, in order to remain invincible in the future competition.

A song to sing – during the day do not understand the black night, but with the leading lights at night can be as bright as day, lighting the road network marketing business, long way to go.

Post time: Mar-24-2016