New LED Lighting available this Spring!


J.W. Speaker is proud to announce the release of several new products including our 6″ x 8″ LED tail lights, 6″ x 6″ LED work light, 4.5″ round LED headlights and our new 5.75″ round motorcycle adaptive LED headlights.


6″ x 8″ LED Tail Lights – Model 279

The new Model 279 tail light is designed with a simple panel mounted solution fitting a wide range of applications including semi trucks, trailers, tow trucks, dump trucks and box trucks.

  • Stop, tail, turn and backup functions
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate housing & lens provide rugged durability
  • Mounting Bracket needed for mounting on a bar or flat surface sold separately

Check out our new Model 279 tail lights.


6″ x 6″ LED Work Lights – Model 526

The new black Model 526 is built tough to meet the needs of rough and rugged applications such as construction and mining.

  • Available in flood, trapezoid, spot and J.W. Speaker exclusive “Anti-Glare” beam pattern
  • Anti-Glare beam pattern was designed specifically for use on mining haul trucks, maximizing visibility without blinding oncoming traffic
  • This LED work light stands up 10 G’s of force!
Description Part #
12-24V LED Work Light with Flood Beam Pattern 1300431
12-24V LED Work Light with Anti-Glare Beam Pattern 1300461
12-24V LED Work Light with Spot Beam Pattern 1300441
12-24V LED Work Light with Trapezoid Beam Pattern 1300451

Check out our new Model 526 work lights.

Post time: Jun-03-2016