New BMW 3 Series sedan instrumentation maintenance information comprehensive interpretation

3 Series dashboard
BMW 3 Series has been integrated into the automobile market, therefore, information and tips on the operation and maintenance is particularly important. The car engine assembly is N52, E90 chassis, eliminating the conventional oil dipstick and replace it with an electronic oil level control car to monitor the oil level, and fill display on the instrument is appropriate. The new BMW 3 Series and BMW cars conventional instrument operation and information call the method are very different, mainly concentrated in the operating part of the switch on the turn signal stalk.
Here the instrument operating system some of the methods and instrumentation prompted to comment, hoping to owners and maintenance companies play a role in maintenance.
Vehicle maintenance information and some functionality is provided to call the car, through the steering wheel to select the BC button and switch on the light obtained. Selection wheel to select a menu, press the BC button to enter the menu. Insert the key and press the start button twice, the instrument lights all lit. Flip turn selector wheel adjustable:
1. The instrument lighting adjustment.
2. The control and diagnostic information about the failure menu.
3. Check the engine oil level.
4. Initialize the tire failure indicator.
5. Time set.
6. Date set.
7. The maintenance requirements.
8. The format and unit of measure setting reply to the factory settings.
The vehicle settings, including the following sub-options: Locking and unlocking confirmation signal, kept unlocked, automatic locking, home lighting, day lighting, fast flashing, seat and mirror memory devices.
Now recall the role of each function and method of operation are described below.
First, adjust the instrument lighting
This option allows you to adjust the brightness of the instrument as well as the control panel lighting. When using this feature, the parking lights and low beam lights must be open. When the meter display brightness adjustment screen, press the button 2 to adjust the brightness, brightness toggle selector wheel storage state. When the meter does not light or darker, you can press the steps again, and then determine if there is a fault.
Second, bring up the menu control and diagnostic information about the failure
This function is adjustable coolant insufficient windshield washer fluid level is too low, the lighting information vehicle accessories related aspects of a burning light bulb and airbags. When the display interface, press the BC button to call up the desired information. If there are multiple fault information, press BC button in the display will cycle out; if there is no fault will be displayed “CHECKOK”. In the process of moving, if the instrument warning lights, indicating that there is a system failure or a message appears. According to the method described above to bring up and resolve.
Third, check the engine oil level
After selecting with the rotation of the screen, press the BC button on oil oil can be checked. If OK, indicates oil level was normal; display MAX, indicates the oil level is too high (too much oil filling); display INACTIVE, indicates oil level sensor failure.
Fourth, the initialization tire failure indicator
After extracting the screen, press the BC button on the tire pressure can be set. The method set for: tire failure indicator symbol appears, continue to press the BC button for about 5s until the pattern showing “INIT”, and then start the engine, in the process of moving, initialized automatically. If the tire pressure is normal, the lamp failure after some time off.
Fifth, set the time
Recall time setting interface, press the BC button to set the time. Setting method: Press the BC button to set the hour wheel can be used to adjust, press BC button again to set minutes selector wheel. Last time Press BC button to store the changes.
Sixth, set the date
After extracting the date setting interface, press the BC button to set the date. The setup method is the same method to set the time. Not repeat them.
Seven, display maintenance requirements
After extracting the interface, all vehicle maintenance needs to understand. Required maintenance content: engine oil, vehicle inspection, dust filter, spark plugs, front brakes, rear brakes, brake fluid and the like. After the maintenance, in addition to the statutory emission testing and vehicle detection two outside, several other systems require a reset, the method is as follows:
1. Turn on the terminal 15.
2. Press the reset button mileage points 10s, until the LCD display shows the first coverage.
3. Swing button switch on high beam traveling direction on select the desired coverage.
4. Press the button switch on-board computer with the direction of the high beam on, until “RESET (reset).”
5. Press the onboard computer button to confirm the reset.
6. After a successful reset, “RESET (Reset)” appears after “√”.
Statutory emission testing and vehicle detection two reset only need to re-enter the new time and date can be.
Eight, set the unit of measurement and format
After extracting the interface, format and units of measurement set. These settings are stored in the current use of remote control. Setting method: press frequently selector wheel until the signal and display the “SET” so far. Press BC button, using the selection wheel to select the format or unit of measurement required. For example: fuel consumption, mileage units, time, date and temperature. Press BC button, use the wheel to select Settings, then press the BC button to store settings.
The format and unit of measure is set to return to the factory state methods are: frequent press the selector wheel until the “SET” so far. Press BC button and use selector wheel to choose RESET, then press BC button until the display “√” after RESET, reset the setting is completed.
Nine, vehicle settings
This option is the most characteristic feature of BMW E90. BMW E39, E60, E65 / 66 cars and other vehicles must feature set with support for BMW factory equipment, and E90 to break this traditional instrument setting methods, replaced by a personalization of the vehicle at the owner’s operation.
Currently, you can set the project are the keys of Identification. Usually there are four key when the vehicle is delivered to the owners to use two keys with integrated remote control and a spare key and a remote control key for easy start. Convenient remote key role by definition is used as keyless entry and starting role. This Mercedes-Benz S220 and keyless start card effects are basically the same. Key identity authentication means simply is who holds the remote control with the car, who is the owner of the car. The owner of the desired driving style and personal habits can be set via the remote control. Owners while driving the vehicle at the next vehicle will automatically revert to the state once set. Since the car has three remote control, you can set three use style. If the remote control three confused, whether in the course will be set inconsistent phenomenon? The answer is yes. To do this we must learn more about what kinds of identity keys can be set. This is our maintenance and a great help to customers to explain. Remote keyless current project that can be set are:
Automatically adjust the driver’s seat and outside mirrors 1. Unlock
The owners of the car seat and mirror positions adjusted after its location on the memory currently in use in the remote control. You can also set the enable mode enable or disable this function. Operation is toggle selector wheel interface appears as shown in Figure 7, and then press the BC button, dial selector wheel selection method, then press the BC selected key storage can be. There are three ways for selection: with the car chaining, by calling the driver’s door and turn off the feature.
2. Date
The clock can be set to display 12/24 hour mode, operation method above.
3. fuel consumption
Travel / unit of measurement of distance and temperature settings. You can set metric or imperial operation method above.
4. Automatic air conditioning
This option has to activate / deactivate AUTO program, automatic air circulation and cooling control, temperature setting, air flow and air distribution and other functions.
5. The radio volume memory
This feature can memorize the remote control corresponding to the level set by the owners.
6. Speed-dependent changes in sound volume memory
This feature can be set according to the owner is interested in, or close down.
Note: Setting of 4 to 6 in the head unit is carried out.
7. Lock settings
Setting door lock mode: (1) Press the remote unlock button once fully open all the locks. (2) Press the remote control key once to unlock only the driver side door open, press twice to open all the locks. According to customary setting method of setting the above.
8. Central locking set
This function is to set the central locking is locked in and under what circumstances. There are three ways to choose from. (1) If you do not open the door later in the control will be automatically locked. (2) If you do not open the door or start the engine, the control is automatically locked. (3) central lock remains unlocked. Setting interface, method of setting the above.
9. Confirm feedback signal when locking or unlocking
The role of the function is locked or unlocked when a light signal to confirm whether the operation was successful. There are two options: (1) in the unlocking or locking when the flash fires. (2) function is canceled. In the remote lock the car, if a door is not properly closed, the lights are not flashing. This is a great help for the maintenance worker to determine fault. The setting interface, call to set the method above.
10. The home lighting function
This function is to stop the vehicle in case the lights turned off. So by setting this function enables low beam lights and continue for some time. There are two options. (1) Select the lighting delay time: 10s to 240s of time to choose. (2) do not enable the feature. Setting interface. Setting operation method above.
11. The daytime running lights function
This function can be maintained at near light switch or light position to automatic driving lights control, there are two options to activate and not activated. . Set operation method above.
Through the above description, I believe we have a certain understanding of the instrument information and call the method of the new BMW 3 Series E90, we hope to have some help in the repair work.

Post time: Apr-05-2016