Mobile Centre, LTD expands their Off-Road Lighting for New Customers

MCL ECE products banner image

This September, MCL partnered with J.W. Speaker to become the exclusive distributor for ECE-certified forward lighting and the new J Series Off-Road LED lighting selection for Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

As a leading distributor of high-quality automotive electrical parts and lighting, MCL took the opportunity to not only distribute, but offer a new e-commerce platform for their off-road enthusiasts. Customers can now find their ECE-certified off-road lighting options available for sale at

Tim Consolante, of MCL says, “The reinforcement of MCL’s existing relationship with J.W. Speaker will allow us to develop and expand our business by giving aftermarket customers access to automotive technology and services normally reserved for OEMs. This will ensure that our customers are given the best possible solutions.”

Established in 1988, MCL resides in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. The company has now grown into a world distribution center offering everything from wire harnesses, connectors and automotive accessories, to warehousing, staging, and private labeling.

Post time: Mar-29-2016