LED lights xenon headlights What is the difference

What xenon headlights

Xenon lamp (High Intensity Discharge Lamp), namely high-pressure gas discharge lamp. Xenon is a heavy metal lamp, by filling a variety of chemical gases within the UV crystal quartz glass tube, an inert gas such as xenon, and then through the booster car 12 volt power instantly increased to 23,000 volts, at a high voltage xenon It will be ionized and between the power poles to produce light.

What is LED headlamps

LED (light emitting diode), light-emitting diode. Its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, with a silver paste or white glue to solidify the bracket, then with silver or gold thread connecting the chip and the circuit board, then sealed with epoxy resin around, play the internal protection the role of the core wire, the final installation of the housing, so good seismic performance LED lamps.

Shape of

LED lights car lights as the most significant feature is the fact, determined by the number, small size, high brightness lamp combination tablets are generally combined into a certain shape, such as a lamp cord or a large proportion of the area.
And as the car lights xenon headlights which are generally located relatively independent of the individual, of course, there are also part of the model is the use of bi-xenon headlights.


Of course, the lights illuminate the most important thing, if you have to race with two lamps brightness LED lamp is certainly an advantage in luminous efficiency. But LED lights bright enough, lighting is relatively limited distance relative xenon headlights, a generally less than 10 meters.
Xenon headlamps are also considered bright, but slightly inferior and LED headlamps, lighting distance, although not specific statistics, but than traditional LED headlamps much more.
Energy efficiency

Secondly, in energy efficiency, then, using the same power LED lights with Xenon lamp, LED high luminous efficiency of some, albeit weaker ability to withstand high temperatures, the effect is slightly worse than the condensing xenon headlamps.
LED itself more energy advantage indeed unquestionable, energy saving LED lamp originally featured

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