LED car lights: Halogen perfect Terminator

The end of 2014, Secretary-General of the National Federation of Professional Committee of Wei Jiacheng car modification disclose “car modification relevant laws and regulations and national standards may be issued in mid-2015 in.” This news came out, the Chinese car modification industry officially entered a rapid development period. Domestic lights converted been in a “semi-underground” status, a lot of lights converted demands are not recognized regulations.

Now, with car lights gradually modified compliance, more and more owners choose to upgrade to retrofit their lights, but also increasingly diverse needs modification, an increase from the initial simple halogen bulb wattage, and now LED halogen headlights alternative modification.

Traditional halogen automobile lamp module

LED lights have long life, low energy consumption, seismic, fast response, flexible design advantages compared to the traditional automobile halogen light source, the advantages of LED lights are the following seven:

First, energy efficient. Luminous efficiency of conventional halogen light source is common in cars 20lm / W, while the LED light source efficiency of domestic production of light effects common in 120lm / W or so, world-class manufacturers have even reached 200lm / W. Therefore, to achieve the same illumination, LED power only 1/6 or less halogen.

Second, long life, good shock resistance. Highest traditional halogen lamp life can reach about 3000 hours. The LED lights life expectancy can reach more than 30,000 hours, while LED lights no wearing movable parts to avoid similar halogen due to vibration caused by the failure.

Third, the response time is short. LED start-up time of only tens of nanoseconds, compared with halogen bulbs starting time is shortened, leaving more to the driver’s reaction time, which can effectively reduce traffic accidents. And because LED short response time in Lamp more intelligent control is a halogen incomparable advantage.

Fourth, highly directional beam. LED beam pointing angle may vary according to the requirements of different lighting design, automobile headlight design is easier to get a clear line ended. The halogen lamp is a 360 ° angle of light, the more difficult the second optical design, form more light interference signal.

Fifth, small size and light weight. Use of its characteristics can be designed and thin, and light, and various styles of lamps compact, to provide space for car design.

Currently the main light source LED lights converted using market imitation flow light beads, COB lamp beads, ceramics ceramics 3535 and 5050 and so on. The lamp beads quality Cree ceramic 3535 and 5050 is relatively good, but the price is relatively high. Ceramics for discrete LED devices, Hongli Opto-electronic in the third quarter of 2015, the formal launch of a dedicated automotive headlight ceramic C5050 products.

Post time: Mar-24-2016