Industrial Safety – The Better Light at J.Führ GmbH


Industrial Safety – The Better Light at J.Führ GmbH

J.Führ took one look at their market and knew that LED lighting was a must. Today, J.Führ is one of J.W. Speaker’s main partners for Industrial Safety, distributing LED lighting to 24 countries across Europe.

After partnering with J.W. Speaker last year, J.Führ has expanded their LED lighting selection to now encompass a wider variety of work lights and strobe lights.

Alexander Führ, President of J.Führ, says, “From the start, we knew J.W. Speaker was the right partner for us. They were a leader in the market, producing LED technology when it was still in its infancy. We were looking for a partner that could fulfill the needs of our customers today and well into the future. We knew that J.W. Speaker was the one who could do that for us.”

Alex is no stranger to the growing needs of the industrial safety market. His parents started the company J.Führ in 1972. Initially they were selling water pressure boosting systems, which also needed gauges. From these they came to gauges for industrial trucks (hour counters and discharge indicators), which was their first foothold in this market. As the company started to sell these systems to forklift manufacturers, they recognized material handling as a key market and have since grown it into 75% of their annual business.

As they continued working with this market, it became apparent that LED technology was a must. Alex explains, “We quickly recognized that the material handling market was keen for new technologies. Warehouses are often running 3 shifts a day, 24/7, so they see an important benefit in efficiency and reliability in their lighting systems. LED lighting quickly became a focus for us in this market.”

Interested in the Model 405 LED strobe light, a customer of theirs introduced them to J.W. Speaker. “It was an easy fit,” Tilman Linn, Director of Marketing says, “We were on the lookout for an LED partner and with this introduction we found one! Early on J.W. Speaker offered one of the largest ranges of ECE-compliant road approved lights for the forklift market. This showed the capabilities of JWS to be a manufacturer of high tech LED products. And we knew, the speed-to-market was essential for success. Today J.W. Speaker continues to help us supply this demand, of SOTA lighting products to our demanding customers.”

J.W. Speaker is excited to be partners with J.Führ, whose goal is to move further away from commodity-type lights and move more toward these new high-tech products, like their new intelligent work lights. “We want to be known as our customers source for high-tech lighting products with a very good cost-performance ratio and a functionality benefit, ” says Alex. “J.W. Speaker is the perfect partner to do just that.”

Interested in what they have to offer? Find more information about J.Führ at www.LEIYAO.NET

Photos provided from J.Führ, showing their Industrial Safety Light Model 523BLU:

Industrial Safety Light Model 523BLU

Industrial Safety Light Model 523BLU

Post time: Mar-29-2016