What does HID stand for?

In short, HID stands for high-intensity discharge. Technically, it’s the electric arc that produces the light. The high intensity of the arc comes from metallic salts that are vaporized within the arc chamber. These lamps are formally known as gas-discharge burners, and produce more light for a given level of power consumption than ordinary tungsten and tungsten-halogen bulbs. Because of the increased amounts of light available from HID burners relative to halogen bulbs, HID headlamps producing a given beam pattern can be made significantly smaller than halogen. Despite the smaller physical size, the HID headlamps produce a comparable beam pattern.

What is included in an HID kit?

2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, and 2 ballast mounting kits are included in your kit.

Does my kit come with installation instructions?

Yes. Additional instructions are included in the kit and how-to videos are available on our website that outline the install process step by step.

What is a relay & Why is it necessary?

A relay is used for certain vehicles with daytime running lights or to simply pull power from your battery. This will accomplish two advantages. One advantage is bypassing the issue of problems that may occur between your E.C.U and your headlights. Another advantage is having more consistent power to the HID kit since the power is coming directly from the power source.

How do I know if I need a relay or canceller?

You will know if you have daytime running lights if you need either or both. If you have a computerized headlight system you will need a canceller. If you do not but you have daytime running lights, you will need a relay.

What is the average life of an HID kit?

The approximate life of our HID kits is 3000 hours and/or 8-10 years.

Are all HID kits plug-n-play?

Yes. All our kits are plug-n-play. No splicing or modification of wires or plugs is necessary for installation.

How much brighter will my HID kit be than my factory halogens?<

HID lights are up to 10x brighter than traditional halogens. The highest-intensity halogen headlamp bulbs, H9 and HIR1, produce 2100 to 2530 lumens from approximately 70 watts at 13.2 volts. A D2S HID burner produces 3200 lumens from approximately 42 watts during stable operation.

Can I convert both my Hi beam and Lo beams to HID?


What is a Hi/Low HID kit?

The industry standard definition of a Hi/Low HID kit is hi beam halogen, low beam HID.

What is a Bi-Xenon kit?

The complete kit includes two bulbs; the hi-beam and lo-beam functions utilize the same bulb.

What vehicles are eligible for a Bi-Xenon kit?

Vehicles with separate, individual bulbs for Hi beam and low beams can house a bi-xenon kit.

How does a Bi-Xenon kit work?

Our Bi-xenon kit works by having one Xenon (HID) bulb for both hi beam and low beam. This is possible due to a spring loaded motor attached under the base of the bulb. The high beam and low beam is activated through the controller wiring harness included in the kit. This harness activates the bulb motor to move into low beam or hi beam when either beam is selected without having to re-ignite or warm up the bulb.

How long does it take for HID bulb to fully ignite?

On average it takes about 15-30 seconds for full ignition.

What does 3000k, 6000k, 8000k, etc. mean?

These numbers are associated with color temperatures. Each number represents a color. The break-down is an industry standard and each number correlates as such: 3000k-yellow 6000k-platinum/bright white 8000k-baby blue/light blue 10000k-blue 12000k-deep blue/hint of purple.

How does your warranty work?

You will contact our Customer Service Department to initiate warranty swaps

What does your warranty cover?

Our warranty covers any and all components against manufacture defect. If the component stops working properly, consistently, or no longer works on it own accord, then it is covered by warranty.

How long is the warranty?

It depends on which warranty you choose. 1 year warranty covers the product for 1 year. A lifetime Warranty covers the product for as long as you own the kit.

How does your life time warranty work?

All the components received are covered by warranty for as long as you own them.

What happens to my warranty if I splice wires?

You are no longer covered by warranty.

Is there an installation video for my specific kit?

Yes. If you click on our “Installation” button you will see an installation video for your bulb size HID kit.

Do I need a professional installer to install my kit?

Some vehicles are an easy installation requiring no more than 30 minutes. Some can be more complicated and we highly recommend a professional installer. The advantage of this will be that your installation is now covered by a warranty through the installer as well as a warranty through us for the kit. Also, it will eliminate any frustration that may be encountered when dealing with your vehicle. Some vehicles call for the bumper or complete headlamp to be removed.

If I order today, when will my kit ship out?

We provide same day shipping.

How long will it take my order to reach me?

An average HID order takes 3-5 business days to receive.

What shipping company will deliver my package?

All packages are delivered through USPS.

Post time: Mar-22-2016