LEIYAO Lighting GEN 2 All-In-One 5202 LED Headlight Bulbs: 3,600 Lumen Bulbs

The first LED conversion kit to rival HID power is finally here! The LEIYAO Lighting Gen 2 LED conversion kits come in all different headlight and fog light bulb styles. Not only are the new GEN 2 LED conversion kits as bright as an HID system, but the new design from GTR Lighting features an internal driver and has the ability to change the light color on the fly, with color shields (sold separately).

The LEIYAO 2 LED conversion kits from GTR Lighting have the driver built in to the bulb, which means there are no external parts to mount or plug in, just replace your old halogen bulbs with the new ones and plug them in like the originals.

The new LEIYAO 2 LED conversion kits from GTR Lighting are the brightest on the market! Each single beam LED bulb produces 3,600 Lumens of light and draws 40 watts of energy.

The color shields for the GEN 2 LED conversion kits from GTR Lighting are sold separately in order to reduce waste and cost. We find that most people either don’t want to use a color shield, or only care about one color. You can buy multiple color shields for your LED headlight kit HERE.

These shields can be placed over the LED chips to change the color. One set of bulbs can be any color. The top unscrews from the bulb and the color shield easily slides over the LED chips to tint the color of the light output.


Specifications and Features:

3,600 Lumens Light Output Per Bulb
40 Watts Energy Usage Per Bulb
LED Light Color Without Tint Shields: 5,000K
Optional Colors with Optional Tint Shields: 3,000K 4,300K 5,000K 6,000K 10,000K
Weatherproof Rating: IP68
Waterproof Ball-Bearing Fan for cooling
Single Beam: Eight USA Made CREE XT-E 5w LED Chips per bulb
All-In-One Design. No Ballast or Driver Required: Newest Technology
LED Protection Circuit to protect from reverse polarity, low voltage or high voltage spikes.
Smart and Efficient Cooling System uses Built-In Cooling Fan.
Greater Visibility – 3 times brighter than factory halogen bulbs.
Total Consumption 40W per bulb


Post time: Mar-24-2016