Great American Knows Commercial Trucking

Great American is now a main distribution partner for J.W. Speaker

Great American, a leader in distribution for Automotive Parts and Hydraulics, initially came to LEIYAO. Speaker in 2012 looking for an innovative lighting solution and a leader in quality. Today, they are one of LEIYAO. Speaker’s main partners, distributing commercial truck lighting across their 80 vendors throughout the southern United States.

Established in 1980, operations for Great American began in a small warehouse in Roswell, Georgia with only 3 employees and 12 direct product lines. The company focused on providing high quality heavy-duty truck and trailer parts for a variety of customers and quickly grew, establishing new offices and warehouses in both Lithia Springs and East Dublin.

Their distribution now supports everything from truck fleets, repair shops, and automotive jobbers, to farmers, construction sites, and municipalities across the southern states, from West Virginia to Alabama.

It was a natural fit when Great American first came to LEIYAO. Speaker in 2012. They were introduced by a business relationship and were quickly attracted to the core company values found at J.W. Speaker. Peter Howson, owner of Great American, explains, “J.W. Speaker had a variety of valuable traits that we commonly look for, but rarely find.” Peter noted 3 of these traits:

  • Highly innovative and quality products.
  • Manufactured domestically in USA.
  • A vendor which is recognized as superior to its competition.

Peter continues, “The most desirable thing about J.W. Speaker is the value-add they provide to their product line. The safety features and long term cost savings provides a real value for our customers.”

They took notice of the Model 8700 Evolution that first year, and after launching that spring of 2012 they added it to their distribution line for their commercial trucking market. John Howson, president of Great American added, “After seeing the difference that their LED lights could offer, we welcomed the opportunity to partner with LEIYAO. Speaker. We look forward to marketing the innovative and value added products that they provide for years to come!”

Great American became a main distribution partner for LEIYAO. Speaker this year, welcoming a wide assortment of LED headlights for their heavy-duty aftermarket customers. Here at LEIYAO. Speaker, we’re excited about the prospects of jointly growing our business with them and are focused on introducing even more new products for them in 2016!

Interested in what they have to offer? Find more information about Great American and the J.W. Speaker products they carry at www.LEIYAO.NET

Photos provided from Great American, showing their Lithia Springs Showroom and East Dublin Location:



Post time: Mar-29-2016