Fortunately, where LED headlamps

Since LED speak, you must first talk about why it’s so fire now, we all know, the current mainstream car headlights nothing but two types: halogen headlights and HID Xenon headlamps (High Intensity Discharge), the gradual rise of the LED compared to these two types of mainstream headlight headlight what advantage?

For motor vehicle, LED light source (not limited to the headlights) has the following benefits:

1, low energy-saving, cost: high luminous efficiency LED, fluorescent lamp is nearly twice. If you use energy-saving lamps to our everyday analogy, saving energy than incandescent lamp 4/5, while also saving energy-saving lamp LED than 1/4. In the car, the same daytime running lights, power consumption LED halogen element is only 1/20. Cost LED element is also greatly reduced year by year, and the current costs and prices are still more than 20% annual rate of decline.

2, long life: currently used in automotive LED element to achieve the basic level of 50,000 hours, while the leading automotive lighting suppliers have been able to provide life of 100,000 hours of LED elements, in terms of look, equivalent to 11 years …… When considering the frequency of use of the light, substantially in the vehicle’s design life, LED elements do not need to be replaced. In contrast, the xenon lamp life of only 3000 hours or so ……

3, good durability: Simple LED element structure, impact resistance, shock resistance is very good, not broken, well adapted to various environments.

4, LED components, small size, compact layout and ease of design: This LED is a huge advantage, this advantage fully meet the needs of car manufacturers in the design evolution, breaking past the lighting system modeling innovation shackles, let us have more innovative automotive products.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (import) 2013 Audi models Audi RS Audi RS 62013 RS 6 4.0T Avant Mercedes Benz (import) E400

“LED headlamps make shapes and lines become more abundant, but also a higher degree of recognition of the night.”

5, fast response: The LED is lit only microsecond level, with the tail light and turn signal lights on can quickly achieve better warning effect, with the front headlight with xenon lamps and halogen headlights compared to more high response speed for traffic safety have better protection.

BMW BMW (import) 2013 BMW 7 Series 740Li xDrive models

6, low attenuation, brightness: high brightness LED, the light intensity attenuation is much lower than a halogen lamp, suitable for use as lighting and brake lights, turn signals and other warning lights.

7, low-voltage direct current to drive the load is small, weak interference, the use of low environmental requirements, good adaptability. Unlike xenon lamp as needed boost device (FBT).

● LED headlamps Why come so late?

Pinch refers to a number of lamp has been around for over 150 years (obviously I’m not counting from Edison), LED how to look is fresh stuff. In fact, the origin LED can also be traced back to 100 years ago, back in 1907. After that year, in the radio industry, Henry Joseph Round voltage was applied to the silicon carbide crystal, is observed on the cathode dim yellow light, which should be regarded as the originator of the light-emitting diodes.

LED meaningful until the invention was only 50 years ago, so in the 1960s a lot of people this time node is LED as true starting point. With the continuous development of technology, LED color red from the earliest slowly open to expansion, orange, yellow, green …… early indicator LED is mainly used for a variety of instruments light source, a variety of devices, and then with increase the color began to be used in traffic lights, car lights and large displays and the like.


Can not be issued before the LED Headlight is needed, “white”, because in the visible spectrum which did not “white”, it is not monochromatic, but a variety of monochromatic light synthetic compound. The human eye can see white light, blue light mix needs two wavelengths of light yellow light or green light + light mix (this is TV’s three primary colors) + blue + red light three wavelengths of light. Since these two methods require blue light, so the development of a blue LED white LED becomes an important technology nodes.


Until the last century, with the successful development of ultra-high brightness blue LED, white LED development really made progress, white LED color temperature close to daylight, the lighting effect is more natural, closer to the human eye to see the color of the day, LED lighting is also officially join from the beginning.



LED white light synthesis method that we have already mentioned two ways, currently more common is the use of the blue LED chip + phosphor phosphorus or phosphorus way to filter made of white LED, is now used in a large number of daytime and as the lights headlight white LED, we are using the same principles. The emergence of white LED can also load the annals of the development of a liquid crystal display, which is to improve the color performance of liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal displays to promote the popularization made a great contribution.

It must have noticed, in fact, a lot of cars at an early age were using the LED taillights, LED headlamps but it is only in recent years popular stuff. One reason is that in which the problem mentioned above can not produce white light LED; since there is a LED brightness and cost, since the formal commercial LED brightness has increased in recent times, while prices fell by hundreds of times (still in 30 to 40 percent annual rate of decline), cost reduction and improved so that the LED brightness finally have the conditions to join the car headlights; the third reason is that the lights on the vehicle before North America, Europe and other developed countries, cars About LED headlamps use did not correlate with the standard, since 2005 after the SAE and ECE before being issued the relevant standard.

Post time: Mar-24-2016