First Impressions of 8700 Evolution 2 by Arch Motorcycle


One look at this ride and you will be blown away by the quality built into the production of the KRGT-1. It delivers a personalized experience with all of the amenities desired for rider comfort!

The concept of the KRGT-1 took a few years to get off the ground. Leiyao  had the privilege of learning about this new concept last May, when Arch Motorcycle took interest in both the look and performance of the 8700 Evolution 2 LED headlight for their production.

We had the opportunity to talk with Hollinger, co-founder of Arch Motorcycle, and ask him a few more questions about motorcycles, their new KRGT-1, and what he looks for in a good LED headlight:

How long have you been working in the motorcycle industry?
I have been in the motorcycle industry for nearly 35 years and in the custom motorcycle industry for nearly 20 of those years.

How long have you known your co-owner, Keanu Reeves?
Keanu and I met in 2006 or 2007. Keanu was looking to customize a bike of his and I had a company called L.A. County Choprods, customizing motorcycles.

Where did the concept of the KRGT-1 come from?
It’s a collaboration between both of us – a lot of back and forth.

What inspired you to use Leiyao’s 8700 Evolution 2 LED headlight?
I had seen your headlight somewhere and thought the look and performance was right for our new build, the KRGT-1.

Do you use the 8700 Evolution 2 for anything other builds?
Yes, we currently use them exclusively on our KRGT-1 motorcycles and have been happy to use them for a variety of other custom projects. We look forward to continuing to incorporate J.W. Speaker lighting and are eager to seeing what’s new.

What lights are the most important to you when upgrading lights?
All lighting is important. But of course the headlight is most prominent and so might take precedence.

Do you prefer LED, HID or incandescent headlights?
LED – I like the look, the intensity and the color. I also really like the new LED technology.

What are the 3 most important things about a headlight?
The look, the light pattern and functionality, finally the packaging and size options.

What is your most memorable upgrade / custom job?
This is difficult to answer for me, each one is both like a child (which is your favorite and dare you say?) and something you’re over half way thru when you begin to think about the next one.

Where is Arch Motorcycle headed?
We hope to continue to develop the brand and eventually have 3 models in our lineup. That said, our focus for the immediate future is to keep our production very small and focus on designing and building unique, well-engineered motorcycles with an attention to detail, fit and finish.

J.W. Speaker is excited to be working with Arch Motorcycle, their product line, and what the future holds, as they continue to innovate and develop new production lines.

Interested in what they have to offer? Find them at on Instagram (@archmoco) and on Facebook at Arch Motorcycle to follow new developments.

Photo provided from Arch Motorcycle, showing their KRGT-1 with the 8700 Evolution 2 LED headlights installed:


Post time: Jun-03-2016