China’s auto parts remanufacturing has entered the stage of development of standardization

Recently, two remanufacturing national standard – “GB / T31208-2014 quality remanufacturing blank test methods”, “GB / T31207-2014 machinery remanufacturing quality management requirements” promulgated, means that China’s auto parts remanufacturing has into the standardization stage. At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly implemented nationwide re-manufactured products “to the old change again,” meet the requirements of automobile engines, transmissions and other remanufactured products, in accordance with the replacement of 10% of the price subsidies. A series of good displays, parts remanufacturing will usher in a large-scale promotion opportunities.

Parts remanufacturing, by definition refers to certain parts after scrap cars on the depth repair and restore the performance again for customer choice. In response, some outsiders even manufacture the vehicle user a further understanding of the depth of the renovation. But the industry view, there is a considerable difference between renovation and re-manufacturing. The industry believes that the renovation is already damaged vehicle parts and components to be replaced or repaired, and does not specify the quality of the renovated and should reach the service life. The parts remanufacturing On the contrary, it requires quality parts remanufacturing after must be close to or even more than new products. To this end, management repeatedly introduced measures, strict rules remanufactured product quality standards, through a series of re-manufacturing technology to really make the waste components to achieve new effects such as repairing the old. Compared to manufacturing new products, remanufactured products cost savings of 50%, 60% of energy and materials 70%, the price is only 50-70% of new products.

But many industry experts are on the truck parts remanufacturing respect “not familiar”, “heard.” Thus, the Chinese market has just started, very few domestic research institutes devoted to research project. In fact, the domestic auto parts remanufacturing is still in the pilot phase.

Post time: Mar-29-2016