Cars and common fault analysis approach

All kinds of car, keep a car, car repair and other related issues. Today we aggregate selling cars common failures approach, covering the world’s top 50 automotive brands 600 vehicle models. Containing the following figure: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Buick, Ford … etc.

Today we featured some typical models of typical failure problems for everyone to see, today we are concerned that failure problems in the use of Buicks Buick owners encountered.

1, hello, my Regal sedan tire pressure warning light stays on, how is this going?

ANSWER: Buick Regal sedan equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, when the system detects a tire pressure is not normal or only when the warning light will light up on the meter to alert the driver timely maintenance. When you say this, it is necessary to check the tire pressure is normal, if the pressure is not normal, you need to check the tire pressure and the tire timely adjusted to within the normal range (2.2 to 2.4 bar [bar]), then the final tire pressure monitoring system can be reset. Reset method is very simple, first turn the ignition switch, ODo / Trip hold down the button on the instrument, until the instrument only display the total mileage, and then press ODo / Trip and hold the button again, after a few seconds, the tire pressure is too low indicator starts blinking, when you hear two beeps, the reset is complete.

2, my old Buick Regal, headlight xenon lamp can change it?

ANSWER: I suggest that you do not lighting retrofit, because the old Regal models lighting system itself is more prone to failure, if the lights were installed or modified later, only the failure rate will be higher, but will also increase the short-circuit or even vehicle risk of spontaneous combustion.

3, 2006 Regal, recently every time you start the car, machine oil lamps always light, a hot car will not light up, check the oil is not missing, I do not know why?

ANSWER: After the engine starter lamp light, hot car goes out, the fault belongs to the lack of cold oil pressure, there are several reasons, including the oil too thick, clogged pump, oil duct blockage, pump wear and serious, it is recommended that you go to garage factory measure the oil pressure! The problem is that you need to be repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid serious engine damage!

4, 2002, the old Regal, automatic models. 1-for-2 block file powerful impact, other gear properly, how else?

ANSWER: Hello, I encountered this fault, you say this phenomenon occurs, you can try to replace the transmission fluid, then the decoder to see if the fault code P1811, if any, may be internal transmission accumulator pressure is not enough to replace the shift solenoid valves and pressure accumulator springs can be, if not the fault code, you may need to overhaul the gearbox!

5, 2010 Regal 2.0 engine deposits will not affect power? If the effect, how to clean?

ANSWER: Hello, if serious coke will affect the power, it is recommended every 3-40000 km cleaned once the throttle and fuel injectors, are now split-free cleaning, cleaning time takes about 40 minutes, after cleaning use computer to do something to match.

6, 2004 Regal GS, configured 3.0L V6 engine, spark plugs, high-voltage ignition coil have changed, but still Dayton car, not occasionally add oil, exhaust pipes blasting, also need to ask how maintenance?

ANSWER: Hello! Like you this is mainly due to poor combustion engine. The main reason for this are the following: First, the fuel pressure is too low, resulting in insufficient supply, lack of motivation, it is recommended that you wash the injector, and check the oil pressure. Second, the bad ignition, resulting in poor combustion, and fuel consumption will obviously feel more cars, I suggest you look to replace the spark plug, if it have changed, consider the following problem. Third, the lack of cylinder pressure, the cylinder is the lack of common manifestations of trembling, also a power shortage, the need to test the cylinder pressure. Fourth, poor engine intake and exhaust, air filter in this general location of catalytic converters and exhaust position relatively prone to problems. I suggest you make a repair shop on a comprehensive check to see what aspects of the problem as soon as possible.

7, the new Regal engine after starting the fire for a few seconds blah sound! Sometimes the sound getting bigger, how is this going on?

ANSWER: Hello! Install the new Regal engine, there are two variable timing camshaft actuator vvt variable timing, you need to drive oil pressure, the morning cold start oil pressure just not set up, the oil not to the actuator inside, the actuator will be driven by the camshaft da da rang a few times, oil is filled to the actuator will not ring, so the ring would be a normal phenomenon has just started.

8,2004 Regal 3.0L, air conditioning pipes freeze how to deal with? Line from the compressor to be froze. When the cooling effect starts well, but after a bad ice, and the wind is very small. Turn off air conditioning and a time to restart the like, deal with this trouble?

ANSWER: Hello! Air-conditioning system with ice phenomenon, most of the evaporator temperature sensor failure. Evaporator temperature sensor can be perceived by the evaporator temperature to control the air conditioning compressor operation is stopped and the temperature was adjusted and the cab driver to keep the set temperature. If the sensor fails, the air conditioning compressor is not stopped, the air conditioning will continue to decrease, eventually leading to the freezing phenomenon. This is not good-for-the evaporator temperature sensor, usually in the middle of the instrument console, you need to disassemble the instrument console can be replaced. I suggest you let bound for professional repair shop to help you master the replacement.

9,2015 Regal configured 1.6t turbocharged engine, stop the engine continues to run after the required period of time?

ANSWER: Hello, installation Regal 1.6T turbo engine, although there is a separate cooling, but if it is after a long time at high speed, we recommend parking place, let the engine run idle for about 3 minutes, then turn off better. If you are short trips, you can turn off. This is because when the turbine work one minute up to 100,000 RPM, the turbine stops completely take a few minutes, immediately turn off such as when parking, the turbine shaft is still running, this time the lubricating oil can not, will shorten the turbocharger life.
Now small-displacement engines are Turbocharged, lightweight, these are the turbocharger With oil cooling, water-cooling unit with some main inlet air cooling, whether to continue to operate at idle for 1-3 minutes this intermediate shaft and the turbine engine oil and the associated maximum degree, preferably with reference to the requirements of the owner’s manual, the basic principle is that the turbine at high speed working condition will more easily lead to oil deterioration, and therefore under high temperature flame immediately, could lead to the intermediate shaft around oil dependence produce something like grease, causing the turbine is abnormal sound, oil spills, locking and so on. Now, with the refinement of the turbine oil performance and better popularity, most turbo cars without idling cooling process, open and self-absorption method no difference.

10, my Buick Excelle, when passing the ramp, the body response is what causes?

ANSWER: When the vehicle is inclined, the body will be slightly distorted, and occasionally has a slight crackling noise can be considered normal, but if the noise is very obvious, you need to check whether the sealing off the case body joints loose, or have the front subframe no signs of loosening. If so, you can re-tighten loose areas can be solved.

11 Buick Excelle 1.6 Automatic cars, often for no reason will automatically sound an alarm, how to solve this problem?
ANSWER: You say this phenomenon is mostly because the engine cover of the trigger switch caused by poor contact, there is a contingency approach: Open the hood and headlights left edge of a black rubber gated trigger switch, and the switch machine cover with double-sided adhesive junction thick, that shorten the trip switch, so it. Of course, this is only a contingency approach, you want to solve it, or are you busy time to adjust the position of the engine cover or replace the gated trigger switch.

Post time: Apr-05-2016