Car Subwoofer Types and Applications

Currently only the few high-end cars (such as the new Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS Series, Lexus LS430) mounted subwoofer. Thus, the vast majority of the original car audio are difficult to reproduce rich, deep and powerful sound, experience a sense of bass less than the shock.


In the car audio system, the installation location is limited, subwoofer unit is typically installed only on the rear luggage compartment. Car driving car road noise and internal structural conditions will reduce the bass, install the appropriate high-performance subwoofers solve the problem, so as to maintain tonal balance.

When selecting the subwoofer according to their preferences. If you pay attention to the sound quality, you can choose sealed subwoofer. It features sound easy to control, better sound quality, but less efficient. If you like to listen to “blow up” sound, there are optional with holes down box, which is characterized by large volume, high efficiency, but the low volume of the speaker size requirements more stringent, inverting the tube diameter and length there are certain requirements.

Subwoofer choice.

A car audio system is good or bad depends largely on the effect of the replay subwoofer performance. In addition, the car is moving will lose a lot of bass. How to remedy the loss of bass, while ensuring the car is stationary bass does not seem superfluous? Properly handle this issue, you first need to design a suitable casing, while the speaker unit to maximize performance; second, what kind of car with what kind of speakers. Now subwoofer There are many types of installation methods are sealed, flat type, embedded, rotary, bandpass, phase hole type, reverse type and so on. Car with the luggage compartment of the plane should be selected and sealed enclosure, and bandpass subwoofer mounted in the van, jeep, the effect is very good; Third, choose adequate power amplifier driver; fourth, to find the car resonance frequency, on the equalizer to decay, thus minimizing the noise generated; fifth, to ensure adequate power supply. As long as the above points are generally able to obtain satisfactory bass.


Because professional car audio technician familiarity with different box, use different ways to install, resulting in the same kind of horn is not the same in the installed position of the luggage compartment, the effect is not the same.

1. The planar

Original car subwoofer comes with commonly used surface mounting method. In everyday modification, often in the back seat of the original car speaker baffle position alteration, installation of 8 to 10-inch subwoofer. This approach, since the luggage space is relatively large, focused sound waves do not affect the results, but easy to install, and easy to get the sound field balance, the absence of a robust housing fixed horn, mounted on the car so hard to get the desired effect not recommended using this method.

2. Embedded

Embedded installation method, subwoofer and other audio equipment in the mold of his assistant, seamless. The only drawback is that, due to the back of the speaker and the isolation layer spacing is too small, limited space, we can not give full play to the performance of the woofer, and the installation process is relatively complex, part of the luggage compartment should all apart to complete modification.

3. Rotary

Rotary is more common in the retail market, this low-frequency limit housing high, and less efficient, but easy to make, easy to install this type of installation process requirements are not too high.

4. With formula

Subwoofer with a formula suitable for installation in the van, jeep, which can produce very good results. With a long stroke, a large magnet subwoofer, low dive full, powerful bass, crystal clear. Bass with the general formula of the box is closed based on the speaker to add a bandpass filter, in order to achieve the enhanced role and extended low frequencies. Acoustic bass cabinet with formula catheter design, the key to whether it can eliminate cabinet resonance, to ensure the quality of bass reproduction. Now with many using the formula box shaped bass sound conduit structure (to be purchased on the market), in order to reduce cabinet resonance.

5. The phase inversion hole

That tape with holes down box, inverted airflow inside the box. This box high efficiency, low-frequency limit is low, but the size of demanding production. Vibration phase hole in the air column, enhanced acoustic shock, so sound quality is unique, to overcome the shortcomings of traditional speakers. In the same case using single speaker, vented cabinet with a volume of more prominent than the formula, since the radiation only by the back of the speaker hole inverting output, low dive deeper, small nonlinear distortion, power handling big, loud sound output is good, feeling in feet. Vented housing shortage is lower than the resonant frequency response of the speaker, not the use of anti-vibration cabinets air force control coil vibration, easy to produce low-frequency resonance, severe damage to the sound quality.

6. inverting formula

Currently inverted bass speakers are rare, usually installed in the trunk of the isolation layer, the principle use of sound waves in the back of the speaker vibration generated by resonance in the trunk. Its shortcomings and planar same. When the subwoofer and speakers installed, you should use the divider, to avoid interference and choose adequate power amplifier drive, but try to find inside the resonant frequency to be reduced in the equalizer, thus minimizing the noise generated











目前反相式低音扬声器较为少见,通常安装在后备箱隔离层处,其原理利用扬声器的背面在振动时产生的声波,在后备箱内产生共振。其不足之处与平面式相同。 低音喇叭和音箱安装时,应使用分频器,以避免干扰,选择功率充足功放驱动,同时尽量找出车厢内共振频率,在均衡器上加以衰减,尽量减少因此而产生的噪音

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