Automatical LED DRLs

Automatical LED DRLs
Use of daytime running lights is becoming increasingly important in Europe and overseas. The advantages of these lights is noted not only the automobile association and ordinary drivers, and transport ministries. From February 2011 all new vehicles (commercial vehicles – from mid-2012) must be equipped with special daytime running lights at the factory. Since the commercial vehicle manufacturers have begun to equip their cars daytime running lights, increased motivation to install this equipment on all vehicles

China Lucky Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.- the manufacturer to offer a universal daytime running lights in early 2009. Then we decided to expand its product line by giving products of different versions of the forms: rectangular, round or in the form of stripes. To further strengthen its market position in this segment, we have developed a new daytime running lights, using modern LED technology.

LEDs – ideal for the technology of lighting. They firmly hold their position in the market due to low power consumption and high durability, as well as by the magnificent appearance.

The main reasons for the use of daytime running lights

Automatically turn on and off
Optimal detection of other members of the movement
Daytime running lights during the daytime recognized better than the conventional short-range light, thereby increasing the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.
Extension of service standard lighting system *
Do not increase fuel consumption *
Reduces the amount of harmful emissions in the exhaust *
* Compared to near light
Comparison of two systems: their headlights and daytime running lights

Universal application as flexible LEDayFlex execution. In the control unit to the wires, connectors used a series of AMP Superseal. Cables are enclosed in a protective wrapping and a length of approximately 29 cm Wiring in the car connector must meet the same type. As a supplement offered a special wiring harness to the already fixed on one end of the three-pronged connector AMP.

The lights are lit LEDayFlex automatically when you start the engine on and off when you turn marker lights and / or dim light or when blocked by the engine.

Advantages of the new LED daytime running lights LEDayFlex:

High Golden Dragon LEDs for better light output
Low power consumption 5.8 watts daytime running lights and 0.6 watts marker lamps
Various mounting options
Easy installation
Specially-designed harness (for conversion)
ECE Approved
Ability to work at different voltages (12 V and 24 V)


Post time: Mar-24-2016