2016 China International Automobile Fair

Venue: National Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
Show Category: Automobile Parts Exhibition
Show time: 25-27 September 2016
Exhibition area: china

Thank attention China International Automobile Fair (CIAPE)!
Today, a new generation of Internet technology, new energy technologies as a symbol of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution are developing in depth. Automotive products will be the future of mobile Internet terminals, mobile e-commerce terminal, a mobile terminal smart grid. This trend will inevitably lead to changes of industrial development patterns and development of mobile Internet will change the traditional business model of the automobile industry and the competitive environment, the automotive industry will be the traditional manufacturing into a service-oriented and innovative manufacturing industry, market and customer value will become the starting point for the automobile industry production and sales. China International Automobile Fair comply with this technological revolution and the industrial revolution, the promotion of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and automotive industries combined to create more business opportunities to promote the commercialization of automotive products.

CIAPE Features
• China’s only state-level international automotive products, professional display platform
• China customize the whole industry chain to build automobiles commodity trading platform
• promote the integration of the traditional auto industry and the Internet emerging industries
• support for domestic and foreign markets and the aftermarket
• Held in conjunction with the summit heavyweight, policies and regulations will preach, new technology conference, mining and other activities for the docking of the General Assembly
• IASCA World Cup car audio installation site 72 hours race
• visitors from the global automotive and related fields
CIAPE Location
China International Automobile Fair (CIAPE) is the Chinese government to adapt to the needs of automobile production and marketing power to build autonomous whole industry chain to build international and professional platform to meet the growing domestic and international demand for the automotive market. It is a bridge of exports, but also the introduction of absorption and innovation platform; both show the strength of China’s automotive products, but also to show foreign advanced technology, products, management and business models. Through exchanges and cooperation, and create more opportunities. It is China’s auto industry booster and improve the overall level of innovation and the development of standardized development of the automotive aftermarket.
Show content and exhibits
Vehicle Museum
New energy and information technology, and the emergence of all-round development of intelligent, will bring significant changes in the properties and use of automotive products, significantly alter the pattern of the automobile industry, car morphology and social form, will become the trend of industrial convergence development, industrial development the dominant force will be adjusted. This is the two strategic opportunities for China’s auto industry’s future development.
Automobile industry by manufacturing the traditional manufacturing into service and innovative industries.
Revolutionary, disruptive change in the automotive industry will be made after the country successfully catch to open the “window of opportunity.”

Exhibits: new energy vehicles, electric cars, passenger cars, parallel imports of cars, commercial vehicles, mini-cars, special vehicles
Parts House
Full attention to an important role of mobile Internet technology in the automotive manufacturing industry chain transformation and upgrading, which will lead to the design, development, manufacturing, sales and service sectors have a fundamental change.
Supporting the market
Encourage enterprises to demonstrate new technologies, new products, and active complement original equipment supplier market and two, three supporting the market. Encourage Chinese enterprises by optimizing the integration of domestic and international resources, to narrow the gap, to upgrade and strengthen the entire zero cooperation, the development of intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the formation of modular, systematic availability and deeper participation in international division of labor, the promotion of a number of world-class zero component suppliers formation.
Rapid penetration of the Internet will promote the market transformation towards modern automotive service industry after upgrading the entire Chinese automobile. CIAPE to 10 ministries “guidance” for the direction of integration of the domestic auto market after the wearing parts, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, commercial vehicles, mini-car accessories, maintenance and testing equipment, the Federation of nine school-enterprise cooperation system and the Automotive Aftermarket above market scale of Chinese and foreign high-quality suppliers, distributors, service providers, and promote orderly markets and improve the credit system, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, promote fair competition, break the monopoly of repair parts channels, the implementation of parts quality tracing system to support brand-building, the development of electronic business encourage chain operations, improve service performance industry, safeguard consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, and promote market innovation, integration and development, cross-regional, cross-model, multi-channel business model and comprehensive service system construction.

Exhibits: engine systems, chassis systems, body systems, electrical and electronic systems, common components and materials. (Original pieces, homogeneous parts, brand parts, deputy plant parts, remanufactured parts)
Electronics and Information Technology Museum
Display public transport and commercial vehicles, information technology, automotive navigation and positioning products and services, automotive electronics and intelligent transportation innovative applications, new energy vehicles and electric vehicles, intelligent manufacturing technologies, new processes, new materials, design and management software, and other topics; the promotion of industry IT application level; strengthening industrial chain of supply and demand to cooperate; to guide intelligent transportation industry and services markets.

Exhibits: before and after the public transport and commercial vehicles loaded vehicle electronic and information products, intelligent scheduling and management systems, large data applications and software services; vehicle navigation technology products, Beidou technology applications, location and mapping services; car audio systems, cars intelligence and unmanned technologies and products, automotive lighting systems, automotive electronics and so on; mobile Internet technology, telematics, intelligent transport solutions, vehicle numbers and traffic management integrated information application service system, highway toll collection system eTC, may Wear products and services; new energy and electric car batteries, motors, electrical control products and related technology and materials.
Clean Fuel Museum
Application of clean fuel vehicles can effectively reduce energy consumption and exhaust emissions of harmful substances, so that the car in use, the environmental impact is greatly reduced. Therefore, the use of clean fuel vehicles in the current highly popular around the world, and its related technology and equipment has become more sophisticated, has a lot of fuel for commercial operation. In China, complete substitution of cleaner fuels as quickly as possible but also by all levels of government and business attention.

Exhibits: methanol fuel, ethanol fuel, biofuels, fuel cells, etc.
Processing technology and equipment Automotive Museum
Industry 4.0 is still in the inevitable direction to catch up with Chinese manufacturing industry 3.0 Future Development. Chinese automobile industry should pay more attention, research and efforts to achieve significant value of Internet technology in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing entity.

Exhibits: mold and metal processing equipment, automation equipment, rubber and plastics and packaging equipment, foundry industry equipment, intelligent manufacturing technology industrial robots, service robotics, industrial 4.0 technology, new materials, new technology and so on.
3D Printing Technology Hall
3D printing is “increasing material manufacturing,” the main form of realization, known as the “industrial-revolutionary manufacturing technology.” 3D printing technology without the original embryo and the mold can be directly based on computer graphics data to generate any object shape by adding material way. Used in industrial design, mechanical manufacturing, aerospace, military equipment, medical, jewelry making, model making and fashion, film, architecture, creative design, more than 10 different industries forming the manufacturing and in the field of complex components that will allow traditional manufacturing history. The automotive industry, product development, manufacturing will significantly reduce the threshold, long cycle, multi-level structure of the supply chain will be completely neutralized.

Exhibits: industrial 3D printers, desktop 3D printer, 3D printing rapid prototyping machine, rapid manufacturing equipment. 3D printer accessories, three-dimensional scanners, three-dimensional laser engraving machine, CMM / meter, three-dimensional camera, three-dimensional laser scanner machine. Three-dimensional design system, motion capture systems, three-dimensional photographic measurement system. Software testing and reverse engineering, dimensional inspection software. 3D printing photosensitive resin material, plastic powder nylon, nylon glass filler, carbon fiber nylon, nylon aluminum powder, Peek materials, metal powder tool steel, titanium, aluminum and CoCrMo alloy, iron-nickel alloy materials. 3D printing technology, other rapid prototyping technology, reverse engineering, surface treatment. 3D printing services.
Car audio shop
Led by the China Automobile Association modified supplies AV Professional Committee, in addition to all-round display of high-end brand car audio and video products, and held the car stereo field modification World Finals. The organizers will invite buyers in more than 100 countries and regions visited and invited international IASCA car audio world, led a delegation to visit the President of the Member States and the holding of the Global Car Audio Technology Forum. Car audio conversion enthusiasts, fans, audio and video, the company offers international exchange platform.

Exhibits: car audio installation site Finals area: 60 participating vehicles; car modified car stereo display area: 100 show car; private living area custom car show: 20 show car. Car audio and video products display area: car audio and video entertainment, car audio and video electronics, telematics navigation, car audio and video cables, car audio and video products and accessories, environmentally friendly automotive soundproofing materials.
Detection equipment maintenance shop
CIAPE 10 ministries implement “guidance” spirit of service to demonstrate the safety testing of motor vehicles, automobile comprehensive performance testing, vehicle repair business, special service stations, car repair chain, automotive vocational colleges sophisticated equipment. Play through the exhibition platform, industry associations, the enthusiasm of enterprises, promote and implement the auto repair business opened technical conditions, corporate reputation assessment, practitioners accreditation and training system, the establishment of the implementation of vehicle maintenance technology information disclosure system, promote the implementation of Vehicle Inspection / Maintenance ( I / M) system, promote “professional service”, “green auto repair”, “science and technology aftermarket” mode, strengthen maintenance standardized operations, improve quality of service maintenance, repair and create assured environment, and actively promote the construction industry information the establishment of a nationwide “automotive electronic health records” improving the test and maintenance technology, equipment, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.

Exhibits: Green aftermarket equipment and materials;; diagnostic automotive testing equipment, measurement tools, computer systems, other related equipment; automotive maintenance equipment, special repair tools, spray paint, lifting, body repair, calibration equipment and other aftermarket teaching equipment and facilities.
Tires and aluminum wheels Museum
Quality buyers for enterprises to provide a global trade negotiations, corporate branding, channel depth development and other services, and promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic tire enterprises, technological innovation, especially the “green tire” to promote the use, eliminate product homogeneity, structural capacity excess outstanding problems and other industries, and promote the healthy development of the tire industry. Light alloy wheels with a weight, high strength, good balance, heat dissipation, color value advantages, particularly conducive to weight and individual needs of the car, has been widely used in the passenger area. Chinese aluminum wheel has been for 10 consecutive years export volume ranked first in the world, ranked first in all aluminum wheel export of auto parts in China. Aluminum wheels as an important appearance modification parts, will further enhance the level of demand and the modified car market.

Exhibits: Tyres (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, modified cars, construction machinery); the latest trends in the global aluminum wheels; tire accessories.
Lubricants Museum
Oil, fat is an important part of the automotive industry chain, in 2015 China’s auto industry and the amount of lubricant oil consumption will become the world’s major powers, with the sharp rise in car ownership, motor oil market has become China lubricants, grease important direction of enterprise development.

Exhibits: automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, grease, lube base oil, lubricating oil additives, lubricants packaging and filling equipment.
Automotive supplies Pavilion
Chinese automotive supplies market entered a stable growth path, product innovation, e-commerce, chain management, standardization, industrialization will be the inevitable trend of development of the market supplies in the competition.

Exhibits: automotive interior products; automotive exterior products; conservation beauty products; Automotive Electronics; car modification supplies; automotive safety supplies; outdoor car supplies; car perfume ornaments; auto maintenance tools.
Modified car museum (China International Automobile Fair modification)
In order to meet the domestic car modification growing market demand, China Automobile Association modified supplies will be held 19-22 September 2015 in Shanghai China National Convention Center Large International Expo modified car, modified car show at home and abroad excellent brand, advanced technology and products, promoting international learning car modification management and business models, strengthen exchanges and cooperation and promote the healthy development of Chinese car modification culture and correctly guide public opinion, promote Chinese car modification professional skills of employees, it is the Chinese car modification industry step the standardization, industrial development boosters.

Exhibits: car modification of vehicle; engine system; cooling system; Intake parts; exhaust parts; electronic appliances; transmission; suspension system; braking system; wheels; tire; appearance package.
Motorcycle Museum
“China International Motorcycle, electric cars and auto parts trade fair” by the Ministry of Commerce approved, make full use of the advantages of domestic and foreign resources, according to the market important exhibitions, international, professional organizing principle has been successfully held for five. CIAPE cooperation with the China Chamber of Commerce motorcycle, set up a “Motorcycle Museum”, fully demonstrated China’s motorcycle industry for 30 years development achievements and technological progress to promote the establishment of its own brand image. And invited well-known manufacturers and overseas buyers to the meeting, Chinese and foreign enterprises to promote cooperation in electric vehicles, high-grade large displacement motorcycles, scooters, important parts, motorcycles and other aspects of well-known brands. To enhance the overall level of China’s motorcycle industry in the new normal economy, promote the transformation and upgrading, and played a positive role.

Exhibits: motorcycles, electric cars, all-terrain vehicles, Bicycle; motorcycle engines and other spare parts; motorcycle apparel and appliances; motorcycle production and maintenance of equipment.

Intellectual Property Protection
Strengthen intellectual property protection is to stimulate innovation, promote a necessary requirement of China’s economic development mode shift, but also enhance the level of opening up China, the urgent need to accelerate structural adjustment. CIAPE unswervingly implement the national intellectual property strategy, and vigorously to create the legal protection of intellectual property, market and culture. CIAPE by a government agency set up special IPR protection and traceability institutions.
A high level of activity over the same period
Fair held over the same period heavyweight Summit, policies and regulations will preach, new technology conference, mining and other activities for the docking of the General Assembly, will be the global automotive industry hot topics, discuss trends, advanced technology and innovation topics, thematic global sourcing, distribution and aftermarket topic, negotiation, training, dialogue, colorful activities to provide a wide field for exhibitors and buyers, deep-seated value-added services.
Past Show Review
Exhibition Overview
2015 China International Automobile Fair (CIAPE) on September 19-22 was successfully held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention Centre. Thousands of exhibitors covering the whole industry chain of automotive vehicles, parts, automotive supplies, vehicle maintenance testing equipment all exhibitors, covering 118 countries on five continents automotive business missions with purchase orders and investment cooperation projects at the exhibition site looking for partners; dozens of domestic and foreign organizations Baotuan exhibitors; close to the market more than 30 forums / events throughout the show the whole story; 32 provinces purchase exchange group buyers to capture the real tangible business opportunities . Unprecedented exhibition site, extent of its popular than similar domestic professional exhibition. China International Automobile Fair in transition by the China International Auto Parts Expo come from a single field upgrade parts to build the whole industry chain, to meet the growing market demand for domestic and foreign cars, independent international platform to promote automobile industry chain collaborative development.
Show exhibition set up ten vehicles, spare parts, electronics and information technology equipment, maintenance and inspection equipment, clean fuel, supplies and services, tires, modified cars, motorcycles, etc., covering a wide range of content in the domestic automotive industry exhibition the unique, welcomed by the majority of exhibitors and professional visitors.
Known exhibitors
International section:
Bosch, Denso, Continental, Aisin Seiki, ADVICS, Delphi, Borg Warner, Toyota Boshoku, Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Wia, Hyundai Dai Mosi, Pirelli, Goodyear, NGK, NSK Hitachi, Gibbs, ASIMCO, Tenneco, Johnson Controls, Getrag, Rhine, Dow, Shell, Lear, Alpine Electronics, pioneer Electronics, Kenwood Electronics, salmon, Snap and the like.

Domestic parts:
Wanxiang Group, Weichai Power, Chinese domain SAIC Automotive Parts, Dongfeng Auto Parts, Torch, Yuchai Machinery, Fawer, FAW Wuxi Diesel, FAW Sihuan, Shaanxi Fast, three-ring Group, Wanfeng Ott, Liaoning Shuguang Axle, Qingte Group, Qijiang gear, Fuyao, Binzhou piston, Yizheng bicyclic, Kirin Group, Datong gear, Zhengxing wheel, Wenzhou crown Sheng, Beijing Hainachuan automotive parts, Diamond Group, BWI, Chang Hui Technology Group, Europa German engine, Malaysia Group, Luo’s Group, Jiangyin molding, die-casting Jiang Yu, Xinyi Group, Wanan Group, Zhejiang silver wheels, Ruili Group, the Asia-Pacific electronics, Zhuzhou spark plug Xiangyang bearing, Chutian laser, COFCO, the Beidou transport, a technology, South China, Quanta, Mihara, Union, large, yuan Zheng, Aiwo special meaning, Shibinnisi, Schwab, Wikipedia machinery, Jiarui Group, Ren Hing Group, Joe Young, etc.

Vehicle parts:
General Motors, Toyota, BMW Group, Tesla, FAW Group, Chang’an Group, SAIC, Beijing Automotive Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Great Wall Motor, Chery Automobile, Geely Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile, Zotye vehicles, Jiangling Motors, Brilliance, SAIC Wuling, Dongfeng Yulon, Yutong, Higer, Golden dragon bus, youth bus, bus pass, Zongshen, Lifan, Qianjiang, Emma and the like.

Shanghai New Exhibition Hall
National Convention Center (Shanghai) is the world’s largest exhibition center, located west of Shanghai Hongqiao business district, adjacent to the country’s largest Hongqiao integrated transport hub. Complex by the exhibition venues, supporting commercial centers, office buildings and hotels of four parts constituted by 8 meters elevation Exhibition Avenue into one. Hongqiao Airport in the hub, subway, high-speed rail, light rail, magnetic levitation five in one, a Shanghai dock, the radiation and the Asia-Pacific and the world’s leading portal.
Synchronization listed in Shanghai free trade zone, operational National Convention Centre will promote the development of the Yangtze River Delta exhibition industry and Exhibition Center and imported goods wholesale and retail center for the country and other related services, greatly promote the construction of Shanghai international financial center, shipping center process and trade center.
Exhibition News
Exhibition Dates 25-27 September 2016
Exhibition Period Annual
An exhibition area of ​​250,000 square meters
Invited audience 200,000 people
Registration deadline until August 31, 2016
Venue Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention Centre
Preparation time 23 September 2015 – 24 May
Exhibition Time September 25, 2015 –26, 1999 (9: 00-17: 00)
Sept. 27 (9: 00-16: 00)
Closing time September 27 (16: 00-21: 00)

Post time: Mar-29-2016