2015 Frankfurt Auto Show: Car LED headlamps become a new bright spot

December 2, 2015, next year’s Shanghai Auto Show in Frankfurt, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the auto show in addition to some of the key parts assembly, there are some small parts is very eye-catching. For example, in some previous high-end passenger cars will be assembled on the LED headlight bulbs in this exhibition have a lot of home plant exhibitors, and the price is not so unattainable.

After extensive application before taillights headlights can also be used
Speaking of LED lamps, in fact, everyone is familiar with, before this lamp has a very wide range of applications to the taillights of the truck parts, contour lights, daytime running lights and other non-direct lighting. However, due to manufacturing cost and brightness reasons, before application of LED headlamps in the car or not too much.

LED headlight bulb and power assembly
On the Frankfurt Parts Fair, I saw a lot of LED headlamp bulb manufacturers, all kinds of light bulbs product range, as far as I understand the scene, the current price of LED bulbs and have little price difference between the xenon lamp a. This also indicates that this previously unattainable high handsome goods worth has officially pulled down into the ranks of ordinary consumer goods.
More energy-saving advantages of LED lights long life
The show debut of this LED headlamp bulb voltage applied is very wide, the voltage 12-24V can be compatible, which means that this product can assemble passenger cars, can also be mounted on a truck, without having to worry about the voltage does not match The problem.

Lit LED headlamp bulb
The LED lamp power is 35W, light can send up to 3,000 lumens, color temperature between 5600K-6000K can be selected, and the color temperature section just almost natural sunlight can reduce night driving driver eye fatigue. In addition to these characteristics, LED headlamps as well as long-life, these products now can be done 3-5 million hours of service life, compared to halogen bulbs can be said to be very long.
In fact, LED lamps compared to the conventional halogen and xenon lamp has many advantages, such as long life, low heat, low power consumption. Under the same brightness power LED lighting lamps may only a fraction of halogen headlamps, can greatly reduce the load of the vehicle electrical parts, and the other due to its low calorific value, effectively extending the plastic headlamps lampshade of life, it can be said to be an ideal choice for next-generation LED headlamps lighting.
The Editor
Automobile headlight bulb technology revolution has gone through several times, from the beginning instead of conventional tungsten halogen bulb, and later xenon lamps instead of halogen lamps, which are the inevitable result of technological progress. I believe that before long, this new LED lights will replace xenon headlights, halogen headlights choice in the field of automotive lighting.




Post time: Mar-29-2016