LED Light Bar with Foot Bracket NP-LB-544D02

LED Light Bar with Foot Bracket NP-LB-544D02



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Model number explain :

  • NP:Brand – LEIYAO
  • LB:Lamp type – LED Light Bar
  • 54:Power – 54W
  • 4D:Lens material – 4D
  • 01:Mounting Bracket – Foot Bracket
Specification . Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC . Waterproof rate: IP 67 . 104pcs*3w high intensity OSRAM or CREE LEDs . Optional Color: Black,White . Color Temperature: 6000K . Material:Diecast aluminum housing . Lens material: PC . Mounting Bracket: Alu firm bracket . Beam:8degree Spot/90degree flood/Combo . 30000 hours above life time
Full Series

Model Power Lumen LEDs Voltage IP grate Working Temp Size
NP-LB184D02 18W 1800lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 3.8″(96.5*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB364D02 36W 3600lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 6.5″(164.3*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB544D02 54W 5400lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 9.3″(236.22*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB724D02 72W 7200lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 11.8″(299.9*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB904D02 90W 9000lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 14.8″(375.9*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB1084D02 108W 10800lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 17″(435.5*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB1264D02 126W 12600lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 19.8″(503.3*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB1804D02 180W 18000lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 27.8″(706.7*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB2344D02 234W 23400lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 35.8″(910*64*79.4mm)
NP-LB2884D02 288W 28800lm CREE/OSRAM 10-32V IP67 -40~ 85℃ 43.8″(1113.4*64*79.4mm)

Packaging Info

Model Carton Size Qty/Carton G.W
NP-LB184D02 61*36*21.5cm 20Pcs 14Kg
NP-LB364D02 41.5*32.5*29cm 6Pcs 12.8Kg
NP-LB544D02 48.5*41.5*29cm 6Pcs 19Kg
NP-LB724D02 48.5*41.5*29cm 6Pcs 23Kg
NP-LB904D02 69*28*29cm 4Pcs 15Kg
NP-LB1084D02 69*28*29cm 4Pcs 16Kg
NP-LB1264D02 69*28*29cm 4Pcs 18Kg
NP-LB1804D02 94*28*29cm 4Pcs 25Kg
NP-LB2344D02 120*28*29cm 4Pcs 31.5Kg
NP-LB2884D02 150*28*29cm 4Pcs 37.5Kg


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