880 Xenon car lights

880 Xenon car lights



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HID mini kit

1) Lightness and thinnest

2) Smallest size

3) Easiest to install

4) Best fit for DIY

Details of the Ballast:

1. Intelligent power switch

2. Automatic and dynamic ignition by high intensity

3. Intelligent protection for power failure, wrong connection and short circuit

4. Intelligently fit for all lamps

5. Water-resistant: Up to DIN400500 legal standard

6. Anti-dust: Up to SAE J575 legal standard

7. Shock-resistant: Up to DIN40056 legal standard

8. Input voltage: 8-18V

9. Normal voltage: 12V

10.Input current (max): 5.6A

11.Input current (normal): 3.2A

12.Output power (normal): 35W

13.Working temperature: -40 to 105 degrees Celsius

Product Name: All in one HID car light hid kid Bulb;

Model: 9005/9006/H3/H4/H8/H9/H11 all-in-one car light Single Beam Bulb Color: 3000K,4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K

packing: Gift color package or OEM package,

Electric Parameter Efficiency >85%;

Output Power 33-35W

Input Voltage ≥ 9V

Working Voltage 9V-32

max Input Current 6.0-7.5A 12V Start-up

Stable Current 3.1-3.5A 12V Input Voltage

Bulb Voltage 85V± 17V

Bulb Flexible Voltage <5V

Test under high temperature-90degrees Work normally,

Current: 3.1-3.5A Low/High Temperature Alternating Chamber Bulb Voltage Wave form Square

Bulb Working Frequency 320Hz&plusmn; 5%

Max Output Current <2.3A

Min Output Current <0.25A

Discharge Protection Voltage 400V

Ignition Voltage 16KV-23KV

Stability Time 40-60S Cool Bulb


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