Automotive Test Lead Kit

Automotive Test Lead Kit


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This test leads contain most of male and female terminals for connecting cars electronic system and your testing tools, It is easily connect car and test equipment through these sets of leads. Work with this set leads can save time and convenient. It’s an indispensable test aid for car diagnostics.

● Turns your testing and measuring devices into powerful diagnostic tools.
● For fault finding on the increasing number of sensors, actuators and electronic circuits found on today’s vehicles.
● Used in tracing, checking, capturing, or fixing complex vehicle circuitry.
● Contains 92 pieces of essential test aids packed in a lightweight case.

●Material: Plastic
● Color: Red+black+blue+yellow
● Weight: 3KG
● Package: 400*350*100mm/15.75*13.78*3.94’(L*W*H)

1: the measuring element, in does not destroy line, can be directly from the wiring harness plug head terminal rear measuring, reduce line insulation rubber damage, so as to reduce line rust and cause impedance bigger.

2: is applicable to any instrument, oscilloscope probe of extension cord, reduce the inspection line when connection problems, help you quickly detection. Three: measure current, don’t need will wire cut or poke, usable winding attachment to series circuit.

4: variable resistance can simulate water temperature induction plug, throttle position sensor element hypothesis signal to the computer, save in a risk.

5: equipped with two sets of LED lights, can monitor hall, photoelectric signal, nozzle, electromagnetic valve, automatic transmission shift electromagnetic valve and the implementation of components of the control signal.

6: SRS alternative resistance, can simulate airbags, seat belts tensioner, avoid maintenance in the process of the accident and miscarriage of justice.

7: box all sorts of winding, can be applied to all kinds of Europe, the United States, and the larger superkings cars plug terminal, high universality

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Testing probe x two
  • Alligator clip x two
  • 1 to 2 connector x two
  • 5k variable resistor x two
  • Polarity tester/stroboscope x two
  • SRS air bag replacement connector x two
  • Insulator pierce through clip x two
  • Testing needle x four
  • Male/female to male/female extension wire x four
  • Round terminal x 24
  • Flat terminal x 48


Packing List:

ADS9910 Wiring Assistance kit Test lead kit for cars cable test kit




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