XENON HEADLIGHT BULBS – Halogen Bulbs vs. Xenon Super White Bulbs

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Highway check of our Xenon Super White headlight bulbs, up from the regular Halogen bulb.

We took out our check car to reveal the discrepancies in between a regular halogen headlight bulb and our Xenon Super White assortment. The Xenon bulbs out carried out the halogen in phrases of brightness & beam throw.

The Xenon Super White performs perfectly, with excellent brightness and a crisp tremendous-white beam (5000k). Our most common bulb style, the Xenon Super White gives colouration similar to that of the much much more high-priced HID units. Light-weight disperses much more easily with the Super White UV filter, but the total performance is nonetheless much outstanding to the regular halogen bulb.

All bulbs in our check have been 12V 55W H1 style fitment.

We stock H1 (448), H4 (472), H7 (499) in both of those Xenon Plasma & Xenon Super White.

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Post time: Oct-10-2016