White LED auxiliary vehicle lights. 4 x seventeen Watt SST-ninety with 73mm reflectors.

This is 4 pcs. 15W SST-ninety LED lights manufactured for my vehicle. This is a definitely lower spending plan installation. Purchased LEDs, 73mm reflectors and heatsinks at DealExtreme. My cars and trucks dynamo expenses the battery with 13.8V which provides three.forty five Volts for each individual LED. This is within the protected operation of these LEDs. The working recent is measured to be approx five Amperes. The two outer lamps are pointed a little bit outwards in order to mild up the darkish sideways for far better visibility in scenario a deer or a moose has programs to cross the road appropriate in entrance of me. The two lamps in the center are heading stright forward. These lamps definitely outshines the common (and legal) head lamps. It continues to be to add a switch in order to disable the LED’s for typical driving.

The protective lense is manufactured of 5mm acrylic plate (I think).

The total price tag is approx $one hundred sixty five.

Post time: Jul-26-2016