V Star 3 Way Rear Switch Signal Conversion

I did a 3 way rear flip signal conversion on my ’01 V Star classic.This will function on just about all bikes with dual filament signal bulbs, or can be transformed to dual filament bulbs.I fell this conversion is safer just after acquiring people today powering me at night time that say they can’t see me until finally they are appropriate on me.In full,I think I had 3.5 hours.I know I mentioned a pair hours in the vid but that was just putting in almost everything on the bike.I did some prep function off the bike.I obtained the strategy from here http://carl.krall.org/wordpress/motorbike/how-to-make-a-2-wire-bulb-screen-brake-and-flip-signals/ along with the wiring diagram and micro relays.I did use relay mounts from ebay.They are form of generic.Here is my ADVrider forum thread.http://advrider.com/message boards/showthread.php?t=905555 I have approximately $thirty-$35 in this conversion.I can discover replacement areas when I travel pretty simply.These conversion bins they market that does the very same thing are not as reliable,from my practical experience,and will leave the bike with no rear lights when they breakdown.I am not knocking them.I just haven’t found them to be as reliable as a relay pack.If any individual has any questions,I will check out to answer them.I am not an internet junky or arm chair mechanic.I get out there and do the function,then share it on message boards and now on youtube.So it might acquire me a day or two to catch up on questions from here.

Post time: Jun-25-2016