TRS Tech: Evaluating H11A vs. H11B HID / Xenon Headlight Bulbs from Morimoto XB

The Morimoto XB HID HID bulbs are the finest in the marketplace for trustworthiness, luminosity/depth and precision – but none of that matters if you have the erroneous bulb dimension or spec.

If you want an H11 bulb, its vital to pick out amongst the “A” or “B” design to make certain there is no shadows or dim spots in your mild output.

When the bulb is rotated and locked into the again of the headlight, the return wire that runs parallel with the glass tube should generally conclusion up at the base. If not, it will result in a shadow in the mild output.

This image can also enable you decide whats right for you, just by seeking at the again of your headlight:

Morimoto XB HID bulbs are available for sale listed here:

Post time: Jun-19-2016