TRS Recommendations: How to Set up LED Halos In your Headlights (Switchback, RGB, XSB, Strips)

Dont mess with glue, it’s not a reputable hold, it yellows above time, and you run the threat of it ruining your shroud if it drips.

Press a thumb tack into three sets of holes close to the entrance of your bezel, then use a small drill little bit in the dimple to bore as a result of the shroud all the way.

From there, use a pretty slim steel wire (photo hanging wire most common, from the components retail outlet) to tie the angel eye ring on to the surface by fishing it as a result of the holes you just made.

Twist the wire on the bottom to tighten it. Be watchful not to above-tighten, as it may perhaps damage the ring primarily if its a CCFL or uncovered LED.

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Post time: Sep-11-2016