Transportable Rechargeable LED Do the job Light-weight – Self Righting LED Issues Light-weight – Wheel Battery Pack Stool

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The Larson Electronics WAL-RPS-FTL-five-LED Transportable 5′ LED Undertaking Light-weight is a rechargeable, transportable, 5′ LED difficulties light-weight which creates 2750 lumens of temporary lights for perform environments lacking ample lights. This unit comes with a stool base which encloses the rechargeable battery pack, a retractable LED lamp, daisy chaining capability, and swiveling caster wheels developed for transportable procedure in perform circumstances.

The WAL-RPS-FTL-five-LED Transportable 5′ LED Undertaking Light-weight is a stool stored rechargeable LED perform light-weight that supplies superior excellent LED lights with a 50,000 lamp existence. This transportable unit is transfered on four caster wheels and simply turned on and off with the power switch positioned on the side of the stool. This unit is comprised of a transportable stool with swiveling wheels, a rechargeable battery pack, a low voltage 28 watt LED lamp, a 20′ SOOW cable connecting the light-weight to the cart, and a 120v charger. The LED lamp is secure for dealing with due to handles positioned on both side and can remain in location or be removed from the side holster to take care of or suspend for closer lights.

This battery powered LED light-weight stool has a self-righting capability and can be established on one particular of two 45° diploma angles. These features protected the integrity of the unit as very well as ensure employee security on perform web sites. This device comes with a rechargeable battery pack and since T8 model LED lamps keep 80% of the lumen output at 50,000 hours, this lamp can be changed or upgraded in the future with no demanding any special tools or modifications to the housing. This unit can also be chained to our FTL-five-LED-ILC series LED job lights, producing this product or service great for temporary design web sites, out of doors perform, and any perform surroundings where transportable illumination is demanded for massive workspaces.


This transportable LED lights unit is light-weight and simply manageable for operators and perform spaces which demand temporary lights. The rechargeable battery pack is recharged employing a 120v charger, which can be charged in any surroundings. The battery pack sits on a transportable stool, which can also serve as a operating seat and can aide in cases where up close lights is demanded. The extractable light-weight unit permits for the operator to pick out where to location the light-weight. Operators can preserve the light-weight in the side holster, get rid of the light-weight and location it on the ground, keep the light-weight by the twin handles, or dangle the light-weight on a wall area. When mounted on flat surfaces, the weighted finishes and self-righting capacity keeps the light-weight in the similar place irrespective of the wire currently being twisted or lamp currently being knocked into soon after deployment.

The 5′, 28 watt LED lamp is an specifically economical lamp that creates 2750 lumens of light-weight and does not demand an first warm up time nor a restrike warm up time in scenario of power outages. In contrast to traditional filament and gasoline burning bulbs, LEDs are mercury free and staff and environmentally helpful. The caster wheels allow for this unit to simply swivel and its compact dimension indicates that it can be simply transferred to several operating web sites as very well as daisy chained to added models. The longevity of LED lights combined with lengthy lasting battery power indicates this device can remain in procedure for lengthy periods of time, which in change enhanced employee productiveness. This is an offer lights unit for design web sites, vehicle retailers, and several other perform internet site areas.

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