Portable Photo voltaic Function Mild, v1

A speedy video clip tip on how to make an affordable portable solar powered perform light-weight.

Rechargeable lantern is an aged LightHawk 6V rechargeable halogen lantern I’ve experienced for several yrs. I a short while ago swapped out the dead direct acid battery for a new one and installed a seventy four lumen Nite Ize significant output LED flashlight bulb. It performs very effectively for my use, but light-weight output for taking pictures movies is not ample. It will operate at the very least 24 hours on one charge, though, so will make a great emergency light-weight.

Powersonic PS-640F1 – 6 Volt/four.five Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product or service/B0002ILK4K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=one

Nite Ize LED Up grade Bulb C/D Large Electrical power: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product or service/B00HF8ICGO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=one

The more substantial portable light-weight utilizes an LED flood light-weight, this one marketed as 10w great white, but would seem to be drawing 2.5w (200mA @ 12vDC) of power. I experienced purchased the light-weight for a further purpose, but at 2.5w it was not vibrant ample. The light-weight is clamped to the cope with of a 20amp-hour portable leap start battery pack from Harbor Freight with two band clamps. The flood light-weight has a pretty huge dispersion angle, so it isn’t fussy with possessing to intention it diligently.

I included a cigarette lighter cable with a co-ax power plug and in-line lamp change and now have a operating portable light-weight. I have tried using to standardize to five.5mm x 2.1mm co-axial power plugs/jacks on all my scaled-down 12v equipment. This way I can plug anything into any power resource. The battery pack ought to be capable to power the LED for many days straight.

I can also un-clamp the LED from the battery and use it independently. The bracket could be clamped to one thing or it could be connected to a block of wooden if needed. And I can even now have the battery pack by the cope with if I seize it from the front side.

Both of those lights are recharged off my solar battery financial institution, I often leave the leap start battery related to the solar charge controller to preserve it topped off and in excellent condition. I just checked and that battery pack is in excess of 12 yrs aged! It even now retains a charge pretty effectively (oh, did I point out it’s from Harbor Freight:). If I can locate a great modest battery box I may possibly search into having a scaled-down five-7AH battery and building a lighter version of this light-weight. I did locate a great 6.8AH Li-Ion battery pack that may possibly perform effectively if I can locate a box that will perform as a foundation for the light-weight. And in truth I did get one of people Li-Ion battery packs, so be guaranteed to subscribe to the channel for updates when I get that battery hooked up to the perform light-weight. I have also torn into the power offer for this LED and I assume I have an plan to re-do that to get the complete 10W brightness that it is rated for.

My complete price on this was practically nothing, as I experienced all the merchandise on-hand, remaining in excess of from one undertaking or a further. Assuming you have a battery pack, the price would be less than $twenty for the remainder of the components.

Hope you appreciated this speedy tip and locate it helpful. Many thanks for looking at.

Post time: Oct-13-2016