Portable Function Region Flood Lighting Method – 360° Region Lighting Method – 480 Watts – 57,600 Lumens


Produced in the Usa

The WAL-3X160LED-4-a hundred Portable LED Flood Lighting program from Larson Electronics is IP65 rated, vapor proof, and works by using 3 forty eight inch LED gentle heads to produce a mixed 57,600 lumens of gentle with 360° coverage though drawing only 480 watts.

The WAL-3X160LED-4-a hundred work spot LED flood gentle program gives 360 degrees work spot coverage with 57,600 lumens of gentle output. This portable LED gentle is mounted to a powder coated frame constructed from gentle weight aluminum and has 3 forty eight” LED gentle mounted inside of the frame. The LED lights inside of this device generates a good flood pattern of gentle that is great for illuminating enclosed parts and confined work spaces inside of the task web page.

This portable work spot LED flood lighting program is comprised of 3 forty eight inch LED gentle fixtures mounted inside of a portable stand fabricated from corrosion resistant aluminum with a tough powder coated complete. This flood gentle program can be positioned in its upright place to deliver an extreme flood beam masking 360° about the program, or suspended in its upright or laid down on its aspect positions to deliver lighting inside of tanks and enclosed work parts. The triangle frame style gives stability for the flood program in when mounted in either place. A pick-eye positioned on the prime of the frame permits operators to decrease the flood gentle program into tanks as a result of male-way entries. This fixture can be more customise with locking casters to increase mobility inside of the work ecosystem.

Every single LED lamp draws 160 watts and generates 19,two hundred lumens with a shade temperature of 5600K, which generates shades and particulars substantially much more precisely than superior strain sodium or mercury vapor lamps. The LED lamps are coated by slide in polycarbonate lenses that secure the fixtures from overspray and debris. These lenses are easy to remove and exchange. The copper absolutely free aluminum alloy lamp system is powder coated for included toughness and resistance to corrosion. Exclusive heat dissipating style in conjunction with LED technological know-how can help this fixture to obtain an great 60,000 hour rated lifespan with eighty% lumen retention.

Unlike gas burning and arc variety lamps that have glass bulbs, LEDs have no filaments or fragile housings to crack for the duration of operation. In its place of heating a little filament or employing a mixture of gases to produce gentle, gentle emitting diodes (LEDs) use semi-conductive materials that illuminate when electric latest applied and emitting gentle. With LED lights, there is no warm up time or awesome down time in advance of re-putting and deliver instant illumination when driven on, incorporating to the trustworthiness of LED technological know-how. By character, LED gentle resources operate substantially cooler than traditional lamps, decreasing the prospect of accidental burns and improved temperatures due to heat emissions. This good condition style of gentle emitting diodes gives a much more reliable, secure, tough, and electrical power effective gentle supply more than traditional lighting.

Prime mounted pick-eye permits operators very easily shift this device from locale to locale, as nicely as aid in reducing into tanks as a result of manway entry approaches. For an more price, locking casters can be included to this device.

Provided with this LED lighting program is a hundred ft of SOOW cord terminated in an industrial quality cord cap for easy relationship to common wall shops. Plug possibilities include things like standard 5-15 straight blade plug for 110V wall shops with floor, NEMA L5-15 twist lock plug for 125V twist lock shops, NEMA L6-15 twist lock plug for 240V twist lock shops, BS1363 three-blade plug for United Kingdom shops, and a two pin Schuko plug for European shops.

This gentle is common voltage able and can be operated with a hundred-277 VAC, fifty/60Hz. The LED gentle head retains eighty% of its lumen output after 60,000 several hours of use, far for a longer time than incandescent or fluorescent lamps. The compact style and 360° beam coverage tends to make this device great for tank cleansing and MRO purposes.


Post time: Oct-14-2016