Philips X-Treme & Crystal Eyesight Ultra Substitute Halogen Headlights | OEM vs Philips Bulbs

Substitute your recent headlights with Philips X-Treme & Crystal Eyesight Ultra Halogen Headlights. They are intended for significant output and great visibility.

X-treme Eyesight = a hundred% more visibility. Intense white light.
Crystal Eyesight Ultra = eighty% more visibility. Pure white light. Looks like HIDs.

These halogen bulbs are a fast and uncomplicated way to improve the lights in your headlights with an possibility that is !00% road legal and necessitates no modification. Just locate the bulb dimensions that suits your car or truck and make the switch.

Philips also gives HID alternative bulbs for vehicles with factory HID lights.

Philips Halogen Bulbs:

Philips HID Bulbs:

Post time: Jun-14-2016