Morimoto hid xenon package difficulties + morimoto recall

four months back I upgraded my halogen bulbs to hid xenon bulbs, with the 1st couple months being excellent. The challenge commenced when temps in my place dropped underneath 30 degrees Fahrenheit and triggered the ballast to not fireplace on the 1st check out. As time went on the ballasts appeared to fireplace the 1st time, but the bulbs commenced to flicker. I despatched an email off to the retrofit source (who materials the morimoto package as very well as others) and they educated me of the voluntary recall. I requested the replacement ballasts as very well as a replacement bulb (as the challenge with the flicker followed the bulb with both ballast), but they forgot to send it out. A couple days the replacement ballast arrived and all appeared very well, until I found out that 1 of the replacement 5five dsp ballast was D.O.A. I hope the retrofit source would make this right by changing the ballast and the faulty bulb. The morimoto package is 1 of the most high priced mainstream kits on the sector and has a terrific popularity. Lately they appear to be to have made a ton of problems and have to have to monitor the difficulty with their merchandise down.

Post time: Jun-13-2016