Midnight FLASH FLOOD Experience! Enduro LED Headlight Take a look at! o#o

What better time to examination out these low-priced LED headlight arrays than throughout a big flash flood thunderstorm at midnight in Southern Utah? My buddy Preston and I shred the desert on our DRZ and XR four hundred dust bikes inspite of flash flood warnings to see just how excellent these lights are!

Undoubtedly verify out the video on how set up these lights, and where by to come across them for much less than $sixty! https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=agzYGnirHSQ

For people of you who examine these, I ought to say that my coronary heart goes out to the people of the women of all ages and little ones who died in this week’s tragic and deadly flash flooding right here in Southern Utah. A several of the little ones who died are my kids’ ages, and I cannot picture the heartache this tragedy has induced to people people. My prayers are with you. If you have information and facts on any GoFundMe (or equivalent) projects for the people, make sure you permit me know, and I’ll rally my little corner of the ADV local community.

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