Little LED Light-weight Panel Showdown

I have seriously been in the require to a small 150 LED light that I can get anywhere. So I decided to assess 2 different models just one high priced and just one affordable.

These lights have so a lot of makes use of, I even used just one of them to fix my kitchen sink. I am not so a great deal fascinated in utilizing this as a important light, I am not fascinated in utilizing it for accent lights, hair light for three/four back again fill light, you identify it, they have a ton of makes use of.

In testing the two, I have found a very clear winner. Konova Ledgo CN-B150 vs. Lite Panel MicroPro.

Each are equivalent in regards to building, both of those are produced out of light excess weight plastic and would not survive a four foot drop on concrete. In truth I am not absolutely sure either of them would final a few many years of continuous use in advance of breaking.

For instance right here is a assessment from someone line that experienced been utilizing it for though:

…but it is cheaply produced plastic. I have to tape the foundation due to the fact it bent and you can’t buy replacement areas.

I was kind of expecting a steel situation from the Lite Panel due to the fact of the huge price tag variation and the professional in the identify. To me if you place professional on one thing it desires to get the abuse. The Lite Panel is $390 and the Konova is only $130.

When unboxing the Lite Panel I noticed this warning notice declaring if I installed the batteries improper and get rid of that it is my fault, I was kind of taken back again when I read this due to the fact this is a absolutely sure sign that the circuit design is not effectively considered out and has no fault protection designed in.

The subsequent issue that seriously dissatisfied me about the Lite Panel was the light stage command. As you can see the 1st fifty percent the vacation on the potentiometer does absolutely nothing and all the motion occurs in the final quarter change, this is not the situation with the Konova. If I didn’t know superior the particular person creating the circuitry for this biff this just one, and is fully utilizing the improper form of potentiometer. My guess is they are utilizing a logarithmic pot in its place of a linear just one.

I kinda light the Lite Panel mount on the Lite Panel superior than the Konova.
Light-weight Output

In my checks the Konova Ledgo CN-B150 is a little bit brighter than the Lite Panel and is more directional in terms of the light sample.
Excellent of Light-weight

Due to the fact both of those do not publish their CRI selection I emailed every single manufacturer. Konova told me that is at 80 CRI. Michele around at Lite Panels told me the CRI for there panel is approx eighty five%. I am not absolutely sure why Michelle gave me the CRI selection as a percentage.

In my check I could not convey to the variation between the two lights in terms of how they reproduce the hues, even so up in opposition to a halogen with a CRI of one hundred I could see some variation, but it was not a great deal.
Battery Daily life

The Lite Panel fails once more on it circuitry design, when every single battery falls beneath 1.2 volts the panel starts to flicker. The Konova does not do this at all when when it drops beneath this voltage. I considered Lite Panels ended up the leader for all this LED engineering, why is this issue so badly intended?

The Konova has a pleasant battery tester though the Lite Panel does not.

I have really minimal experience with gels, I am not even absolutely sure what CTO or CTB usually means. Perhaps colour temp orange or blue?

In this 1st check I established my T2i to it is generic Daylight white equilibrium environment and as you can see right here Konova has a eco-friendly bias compared to the Lite Panel, maybe the Konova is utilizing less costly LED’s that are more efficent in the eco-friendly specrum light, related to florscents are.

Following I place in their orange gels and I established the white equilibrium to the generic tungston environment. Appears to be like like the Konova loses right here with even more eco-friendly tint.

Due to the fact the Lite Panel has to CTO gels I used the lighter just one right here.

I am not absolutely sure this issues to a great deal since the gels on their own might be the difficulty and not the light since I can buy superior gels for the Konova.

The final check I did was to glance for banding troubles like you get with florescent lights but I went all the way from thirtieth to 800th of a 2nd on the shutter and did not see any banding for either light which is superior.

Give the low cost building of these lights that might only final for a few many years in advance of breaking so for me the very clear winner is the Konova, the Lite Panel has too a lot of troubles and arrives in at an crazy price tag.

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