Is an HID Headlight Kit a Good Idea? Side-by-side comparison…

While I still think that not all HID kits are bad, I decided to go all the way and install true projectors in my headlights. Here’s how to do it:

This video was made in response to the video EricTheCarGuy made on how to install an HID light kit for your car, as well as the response video that he made afterwards.

I really want to come to his defense because the kit he used I think is a very good kit. This video is a comparison of my 2009 Honda Civic Coupe’s headlights, with only one light converted to HID. I believe that the beam pattern between the two bulbs is hardly changed at all, and the biggest difference in brightness that you see when looking at the car is from the higher color temperature of the bulbs.

After installing them myself, I think that they are fantastic. This particular kit seems to do a really good job making your headlights perform better than they used to while still allowing other drivers to see safely at night.

Here’s a link to EricTheCarGuy’s original installation video:

And a link to the website where you can purchase this kit:

Just as a note, I mentioned that this kit is 5000 K. On the motor fiend website, that is not an available choice–I had ordered 4300 K and got 5000 K instead. I was OK with this because I was actually hoping for a 5000 K bulb.

Post time: Jul-28-2016