How to Set up Iron Cross Front Bumper Lights

The Iron Cross LED Fog Lights: campaign=howto

The Iron Cross LED Lights function a Driving beam sample, and are designed for the Iron Cross RS Front Bumper. Offered in a pair, and will come with an quick to install wiring harness.

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Video Transcription:
Hey men, John right here with! I wanna clearly show you how to install the Iron Cross RS Bumper LED Driving Lights on to this Chevy Silverado.

What we did is we installed an RS Iron Cross Front Bumper on to this truck and now we’re gonna set in the driving lights and we’re gonna clearly show you how to do that. Some of the definitely amazing things about these driving lights are they appear two to a pack, which is terrific because we have two slots in the front of our bumper for them. And they appear with this quick to install rather substantially plug and participate in wiring harness so that you can install these if you want to do them separately. Our truck initially had manufacturing facility fog lights on it, so we’re gonna hook these up to our manufacturing facility wiring harness, and I am going to clearly show you men how to do that, far too. And also you have your mounting brackets, which will assistance us to mount these in the bumper. Let us get these into the bumper.

What we’re gonna do right here, and you can see I have presently go this 1 completed somewhat for us, is we wanna pull our manufacturing facility wiring. This was the plug in for our manufacturing facility driving lights and what we wanna do is pull this wiring out of this wire loom. And then what we’re gonna do then we’re heading to slash some of this off, like right about right here and then we’re gonna strip this again and install the plug from our wiring package that arrived with our lights. So that way we can plug it right into this harness and then we can use our manufacturing facility change for controlling our RS fog lights.

What I have completed is I have went ahead and slash the manufacturing facility connector off of our manufacturing facility harness and also I have slash the connector off of our harness that will come with our package because we’re not gonna use that, and what we need to have to do now is go ahead and wire this up. It’s rather straightforward as prolonged as you have acquired black it won’t matter what the other colour wire is. Which is gonna be your floor, the black 1 will, so we’re gonna go black to black on this 1, and then on this 1 our red one’s gonna go to this brown wire.

What that’ll do now then is that will allow for us to be equipped to use our manufacturing facility fog light change to be equipped to flip these driving lights on. So I’m gonna go ahead and warmth shrink these because any time you do any variety of connectors like this outside the house of the automobile in which they are gonna get moister and stuff, these warmth shrink types are definitely great to use, set a minor warmth to them, they also have a glue and a sealer in them that seals them up and keeps dampness and stuff from having in there and leading to challenges with your wiring connection later on.

What we have completed is right here is we have demonstrated you how to hook these up to your manufacturing facility fog lights, your driving lights, so if you transpire to have a automobile that won’t appear common tools with those people on it, then what you’re gonna need to have is you’re gonna need to have this wiring harness to hook it up.

Post time: Sep-10-2016