How to Set up HIDs

Soon after hundreds of requests about the previous several months the boys install a established of HID’s into the NIssan Silvia S15 and into Marty’s Liberty.

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Also one thing to be aware around Mighty Motor vehicle Mods: we are typical men and are not properly trained mechanics. We like to make fascinating car or truck mods and demonstrate you how we’ve gone about it, but we cannot promise that nearly anything we demonstrate you will operate for your specific car or truck, or that you will not harm your self, another person else, your car or truck or your guarantee performing it. Be sure to be harmless, be liable and except you know what you’re performing, do not fool around with very critical equipment just for the reason that you’ve got noticed us make it seem so straightforward. Chat to a capable mechanic if you are in any question.

This video clip is intended as Entertainment only.

Post time: Jul-20-2016