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one. Open up the hood, identify the headlight bulbs
2. Clear away the stock harness plug
three. Twist the stock bulb clockwise, and take out it (do not contact the glass by hand)
four. Clear away the HID bulb from the plastic shell
five. Set again the HID bulb and lock it counterclockwise (do not contact the glass by hand)
six. Hook up the wires from the HID bulb to the HID ballast
seven. Hook up the HID ballast to the stock harness
8. Before mounting the ballast, take a look at to make guaranteed the HID lights up
nine. If it does not light-weight up, merely flip the wire from the HID ballast close to and plug again again to the stock harness (and then take a look at again)
ten. Mount the ballast working with either double sided tape or zip tie

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Post time: Oct-02-2016