How to recognize faux Osram Xenarc D1S Xenon bulbs – Trionic Seven

Osram is a extremely very good manufacturer of Xenon bulbs, nevertheless in new a long time the amount of counterfeit HID bulbs on the industry has increased quickly. I experienced the misfortune of buying what I imagined to be genuine bulbs from a keep that turned out to be fakes. This resulted in endless issues with the minimal beams likely out. Will not acquire xenon bulbs if the price tag is much too very good to be genuine, it will almost certainly be a terrible good quality faux.

I ultimately got keep of a pair of genuine bulbs, and I built this video to clearly show how to recognize a faked from a genuine item. Nonetheless, the fakes are having much better, so your milage may possibly fluctuate. Also, this video was built in June of 2015, if you observe the video in the foreseeable future the fakes may have become even much better.

Do not operate your car with cheap faked bubs. You chance detrimental the overall xenon lighing method such as the ballast which will be costly. I unknowingly utilized fakes for six months in my Saab 9-5 and experienced by no means-ending problems. I can only hope that this did not cause any everlasting destruction.

My video on how to improve xenon bulbs in a Saab 9-5:

Osram has great purchaser guidance and they are eager to help you look at if your bulbs are genuine or not. Mail them a photo of the serial amount to

Svenska: Denna video visar hur gentleman ser skillnad på en äkta och fejkad Osram Xenarc xenonlampa.


Post time: Jun-12-2016