How To Put in the Recon LED Mild Bar

LED tailgate light bars are available in lots of types and LED light colors as well as various features. Out there at Regular light bars have red LEDs and extra superior multi functionality and scanning tailgate light bars includes white and/or amber LEDs. LED light bars make your experience stand out and raises all around driving visibility. Our SUV and pickup truck tailgate lights are easy to put in and the LED lights are designed to previous. LED light bars give you a different complete set of lights less than your pickup truck tailgate or rear hatch of a SUV. Most are a easy plug put in and will operate with your brake lights and turn signals. LED tailgate light bars add functionality and type to your experience. Featuring all the top rated manufacturers, choose such as Pacer, Plasmaglow, APC, Recon, Putco and extra. From standard to deluxe led light bars. You are certain to uncover a tailgate light bar that is excellent for your motor vehicle.


Video Transcription:

Hey guys, Josh listed here with Now, I’m likely to be demonstrating you how to put in the Recon Tailgate Bar. So the to start with point we are likely to do is really cleanse the area where by the light bar is likely to be mounted with this liquor pad that they offer you.

Okay, just after we have cleaned off the area where by it is likely to mounted, the light bar is mounted with 3M tape, so what we are likely to do right before we get rid of the backing of the tape, is just to make certain we get our light bar centered up. So, at the time we have it lined up on where by we want our bar positioned, we can then get rid of the 3M tape off the again, and now we are likely to stick the light bar right in there. Do not use a lot of pressure at this time, and make certain you maintain it as reduced as probable when it is backed up in listed here. The great point about these light bars is there’s no drilling, no bolting just about anything up. It just applies right on with the 3M tape. It truly is all centered up. Then, push it on great and firmly.

Okay, now just after you’ve got utilized the light bar, all you have to do is plug in to your 4-prong trailer hitch plug. Now, if you have a 4-pin, a flat pin, or a seven-pin, you can get distinctive adapters for that. Okay, so what I did is I fished the wire again down powering the bumper. So, we can go in advance and plug it in now. And just after you’ve got plugged it in, you can just go in advance and use a zip tie or anything to cover your wires backed up powering the bumper.

Post time: Jul-03-2016