now i will display you how to alter the bulbs to LED on the dodge ram taillights. All you need is a replacement bulb 3157 and a Torx T25 Screwdriver. I am likely to put in these LED bulbs alternatively of the 27 watt stock bulbs. 1st matter is to drop the tailgate. Now for the replacement i have to consider out the tail mild device. two Screws maintain the device from the inside of of the mattress. You locate them proper right here. Choose your T25 Screwdriver and consider out each of the screws. Now you can commence on the base and grab the device like that with your fingers. Pull it to the rear on the base and on the leading for an evenly slide out. Now I am laying it onto the tailgate for an quick bulb obtain. Now i can transform the this bulb socket contra clockwise till it arrives off. Now i can just pull out that 3157 type bulb like that and place the new led bulb in. Make sure the bulb lights up in advance of you place the device back again with each other to see if its working properly. Now you can reinsert the socket. Make sure to insert it the proper way there are a few diverse sizing notches. Then transform the socket clockwise to the conclusion for a secure maintain. Now i am placing the tail mild device back again in by producing sure to insert the two spikes into these holes. i am checking the wires so that i dont squeeze them. I drive firmly onto the mild device till it slides back again in its place. Set the two screws back again in to secure the device. Thats it fellas, thanks for looking at and really feel absolutely free to subscribe for extra dodge ram how to films.

Post time: Jun-06-2016