Honda S2000 with Switchback Sequential LED Headlights

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This Honda S2000 is the 1 of numerous personalized builds with a blend of components from our preferred producers, which includes exLED, Diode Dynamics, Morimoto, and Ghozt Lighting. The center piece of this position is the awesome controller from Ghozt, which can be found right here on our web site:

The module hooks up to the DRL White 5000K PowerLEDs created by exLED Korea: power-led-strip-one

When the Turn Indicators are activated, the white LEDs shut off, and the Sequence for the Amber Energy LEDs begins. This buyer also opted for retaining the use of the initial switch sign place with upgrade Energy LED 7440 bulbs, for extra output. The facet markers also received a pair of Amber LED bulbs, as did the tail lights and License Plate lights.

To give a genuinely one of a kind seem to the tails, and provide some thing specific to match the going signals in the headlights, a pair of “Brakes as Indicators” modules from Diode Dynamics had been installed, which make the OEM LED brake lights flash alternatively of an incandescent Amber Bulb. The inventory bulb was changed with the Pink Energy LED 7440 set from exLED, and this combination supplies some genuinely awesome action depending on driver enter. If the switch signals are activated by them selves, each the inner and outer circle will flash at the very same time. If the brakes are utilized, the inner and outer circles will alternate back again and forth.

Post time: Jul-05-2016