Honda 400ex Fog Lights Information #1

If you go night time driving or ride til darkish, get you some of these fog lights. There is not substantially to mounting them! I just reduce a hole next to the neutral Gentle and took the toggle change out of the box (kinda a hastle but it is worthy of it) and then popped the toggle change in. But if you Dont want to reduce your plastic check out my Buddie “Redneckoutdoorsman400″ on his online video on how he did his fog lights. The title is “Led lights one particular 400ex” (his title not mine lol) They are $twenty five from walmart. The title of the is: Platinum Burners LED Series White LED Racing lights. They Arrive in a black and red box. Select some up they aid alot! ANd I complete at 1:23 in the morning lol.

Post time: Jul-23-2016