HID Xenon Flashlight XF24

The Xenon flashlight, which develop a shiny illumination underneath dark instances, is the ultime flashlight you can use. When compared to a halogen bulb the Xenon flashlight creates a lot brighter light-weight, prolonged daily life and saves vitality.

This flashlight has 2000 Lumens and is able of illuminating targets away 1000m. It is suitable for military services, law enforcement, border patrol, maritime/coastline guard, detector, police, rescuers and other community and personal safety organizations.

Moreover, it is also suitable for recreation actions these kinds of as tenting, searching, night fishing, outside sport, hiking, aviation and boating.

- 2000 Lumens
- Lithium Battery (12V, 2200 mAh)
- one hour burning time
- The flashlights ”bulb” has a life time of 3000 burning hrs
- A carloader and a 230Volts loader
- The glass is built extra resistant
- Schockproof
- The battery contains a construct-in research light-weight
- Wheatherproof, sealed off with rubber O-rings

The flashlight is shipped with suitcase, wristband, Lithium battery, automobile loader and a one hundred ten-230V loader.

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Post time: Jul-12-2016