F6B – Factory Headlights vs HID and Switchback LED

Shown is a Honda Goldwing F6B. This is a comparison amongst Honda’s manufacturing unit small beam headlights and So Cal Moto Gear’s HID small beam headlights.

Also displayed in the two are the smoked entrance turn sign lenses that have been also ordered from So Cal Moto Equipment to substitute Honda’s amber lens. Honda supplies a clear incandescent bulb for the turn alerts, so on the remaining, I replaced the clear bulb for an amber incandescent bulb. On the suitable, it displays So Cal Moto Gear’s Switchback LED bulbs which exhibit white working lights and turns amber when the turn sign is utilized.

In summary:
Still left aspect: Honda inventory small beam headlight Smoked Lens w/ amber incandescent bulbs

Correct aspect: HID small beam headlight Smoked lens w/ Switchback LED bulbs

Smoked lens, HID and LED upgrades can be ordered by means of So Cal Moto Gear’s website: http://www.socalmotogear.com/

Post time: Jul-22-2016