Current POV Setup

This is the newest setup of my POV. It really is in all probability way additional than I require, but screw it… I genuinely never know why I maintain altering things around since it has labored Quite properly, but I guess i just have fun with it! List below of the solutions

Lightbar: Whelen Liberty mini


Inside LED lightbar (Front): CPS Authority SVT3

Grill: (white) CPS authority T3 LED’s (pink) AWL3′s from advancedwarning lights

Headlights / Fog Lights: R/W Whelen Vertex’s


Amber LED Lightbar: Federal Signal SignalMaster OHP

Whelen Led: not certain what model

Whelen Vertex’s (white) in reverse Lights

Bumper: basically trailer lights from Walmart put on a Sho-Me flasher.

Hope you guys loved, I did and experienced a ton of fun carrying out it. Most of these things were being possibly traded for things or bought utilized, so I’m not genuinely certain of the full cost.

Post time: Aug-07-2016