Complete LED Veloster Headlights

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Complete LED Veloster Headlights comparison video.

Considering that there are a great deal of identical questions, Ill just response them below:
1. Where did I get these? http://tinyurl(dot)com/lwarx3b ….. (delete the (dot) and place a time period rather, normally link wont operate)
two. Do you want TPC? indeed if you want the change back again glance (two way leds that blink amber when signaling. If you obtain the comprehensive established, these occur put in.)
three. Are these legal? Certainly and no, it relies upon on your configurations when you order them. The primary difficulty is the devil eye, just about anything but purple and blue is thought of legal.
4. How do you flip on the devil eyes? They flip on when you have your parking lights on, nevertheless they flip off when the lower beams are on or the lights are established to off.

hope this assists! :]

Post time: Jul-14-2016