Cibié provides the OSCAR® LED auxiliary headlamp vary

Cibié, the well known expert in Lighting Devices, is proud to existing the latest OSCAR® LED auxiliary headlamp vary accessible in 3 diverse dimensions to go over all your visibility desires with fashion:
• Mini OSCAR® LED (5.six” / 145mm), lights the street up to 340m / 1115ft
• OSCAR® LED (7″ / 180mm), lights the street up to 370m / 1213ft
• Super OSCAR® LED (nine” / 230mm), lights the street up to 500m / 1640ft, accessible with wide beam & position lamp as an alternative

All Cibié OSCAR® LED goods are:
- resistant to large vibrations
- water resistant
- resistant to extreme weather disorders & corrosion
- compliant with ECE, SAE & CCC laws (wide beam & position lamp alternative on Super OSCAR® LED not SAE compliant)

Cibié OSCAR® LED & Super OSCAR® LED are accessible in numerous finishes to match properly with all car configurations:
- black ring & black housing
- chrome ring & black housing
- chrome ring & chrome housing
- paintable ring & housing to personalize your Cibié OSCAR® LED in accordance to your creativity!

Cibié Mini OSCAR® LED is accessible in two finishes:
- black ring & black housing
- chrome ring & black housing

Passenger cars can fit up to 2 Cibié OSCARs.
Weighty-duties up to 12 tons can fit up to four Cibié OSCARs large-duties on 12 tons can fit up to six Cibié OSCARs.

This LED vary of auxiliary headlamps completes the Cibié OSCAR® halogen vary for these who want to maintain their youthful timers & classic vehicles:
• OSCAR® (7″ / 180mm) the well known primary solution
• OSCAR®+ (7″ / 180mm) when reduced place is accessible on the bumper
• Super OSCAR® (nine” / 230mm) for large-obligation vehicles

All Cibié OSCAR® Halogen goods comply with ECE regulation.

Find out all the aspects of the Cibié OSCAR® LED & Halogen auxiliary headlamp vary in the dedicated catalogue: http://www.slideshare.web/ValeoService/cibi-oscar-extra-headlight-vary-2014-968317-english-catalogue

Cibié is a brand name of the Valeo team.

Valeo, automotive technology, obviously.

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Post time: Jul-03-2016