Chinese LED road light teardown.

This is a fairly adorable little 12W LED road light I obtained from a Chinese supplier termed Banggood. It truly is intended to operate on a 220V offer (one hundred eighty to 255V) and is intended to mount on to a pipe about 42mm diameter. (1.5″?).
This unit was extremely regular of Chinese LED lights in that it had a stripped and tinned earth wire in the quick pre-installed flex, but the earth wire was not connected internally and was really slice flush with the flex inside.
The unit has a fairly neat printed glass entrance with four screw clamps that pull it tightly on to a silicone grommet. The LED panel inside is an aluminium main PCB held on to the inside of the situation with six screws with heatsink compound between it and the finned aluminium situation. The LEDs them selves also have damp heatsink compound driving them which indicates that they have just been pressed into area and soldered with out the use of thermal transfer glue. The electrical power offer is a generic latest controlled unit intended for driving between 8 and twelve sequence wired LEDs. It truly is mounted in a little aluminium extrusion with conclusion-caps and filled with black potting compound.
The lights are accessible in cold or warm white, but if you have been so inclined you could swap the standard 1W LED “beads” with any color you wanted.
Apart from the deficiency of a ground relationship this is a extremely neat and properly constructed light. As an precise road light it could be very successful for lights a pathway or side of a residence if mounted on ideal angled pipes at a height of about three-5 metres.
I would advise connecting the ground guide internally with a little crimp on to 1 of the screws holding the PCB to the heatsink.

Post time: Aug-02-2016